“He cut off a finger”: Roberto Leal’s warning to the viewers of ‘El Desafío’ so that they do not do the challenges at home

An error by Jorge Lorenzo in the test caused the presenter to send a forceful message to the audience.


The challenge He has returned with new challenges for another week. Viewers of the program are amazed at each new test during deliveries. Some are more difficult than others, and can also have a great degree of dangerousness. For this reason, Roberto Leal wanted to send a strong warning to the audience.

Jorge Lorenzo faced a complicated test. The challenge consisted of driving a drone around the set in order to puncture several balloons with needles strategically inserted into the device. The former MotoGP rider did it perfectly until the drone got out of control and bolted for another part of the studio.

The emotion of Roberto Leal and Pilar Rubio in ‘El Desafío’ before Laura Escanes’ incredible apnea test

“It is an error. It is one of the failures that could be allowed,” said the presenter and explained the reasons for this lack of control. Later, Leal wanted to leave a message to the viewers so that they did not emulate the dangerous challenge in her houses. “To fly a drone you have to have a license,” began the Andalusian. “This is one supervised recreational test by professionals, as in this case is Iván”, highlighted Leal asking that they not do it at home.

Don’t let anyone think of putting these needles on a drone

At that time, and taking advantage of the fact that Julio José Iglesias Jr. was a VIP guest on the program, Mariló Montero recalled an anecdote. “Enrique’s finger was cut off by a drone! Right, Julio?”, pointed out the contestant. “Yes! TRUE. During a concert, on a tour, “said Boris Izaguirre. And the singer told the details of what happened to his brother Enrique de él;” Fortunately, nothing happened and he recovered, “he stressed

The winner of the sixth installment of The challenge It was Laura Escanes, who donated the 6,000 euros to the protector Uskar to help the animals.

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