“He has literally taken her out of the water”: the anguishing and “wild” apnea of ​​Mariló Montero in ‘El Desafío’ that scares

The test instructor had to forcefully remove her from the water to the surprise of everyone present on set.


Scare at the last gala of The challenge. Mariló Montero left the jury, her classmates, Roberto Leal and Juandi, apnea instructor, heartbroken. The presenter starred in the wildest apnea of ​​all editions of the hit show, thrilling the entire set. Mariló was clear that she wanted beat last week’s recordbut what nobody expected was that it almost ended in a scare.

Undoubtedly, this edition will be marked by the commitment and enthusiasm of the contestants in the freediving test. The challenge of submerging underwater is one of the most complicated in the Antena 3 space, which is why it always ends up exciting everyone. And Mariló was not going to be less. The struggle and strength of Mariló has left all the viewers impressed.

The communicator is together with Jorge Lorenzo and Rosa López, who yesterday became the first finalist, one of the public’s favorites. Her dedication to the challenges of the program is being absolute, as she has shown in the apnea test. Even the freediving instructor has had to pull her out of the water to everyone’s surprise.

The time exceeded four minutes and Mariló was still in the water, but without responding to Juandi’s signals. The instructor asks the contestants to move their fingers while underwater in order to get a positive response, and the host did not. For this reason, Juandi immediately had to force Mariló out of the urn. “four minutes eight seconds!” Roberto Leal reported to the cry of the communicator.

“Come out, Mariló! Come out! Come on

what drowns, which is under the water!” Rosa commented from the contestants’ stand. Once again, the instructor had to take her arm and pull her out. “She could have held on longer. I knew I could hold on for one more second,” Mariló acknowledged to the excitement of the spectators and a standing ovation. “Now you come and do 4:08, which seems like a wild thing to me,” said the presenter after recalling Rosa López’s mark .

Montero’s time was the third best mark of this edition and the sixth in the general list of the Antena 3 format. For this reason, the jury praised this marvelous mark. “ANDIt’s the first time that Juandi really has to take out a contestant. He has literally pulled her out of the water, because if she hadn’t, she would have stayed. It has been wonderful to have you in this program,” said Juan del Val.

Pilar Rubio and Cristina Pedroche could not contain their tears, while Santiago Segura continued to praise Mariló’s work. “It seemed so difficult for me to get excited about this test again, and I think that you You are a person who gets something into your head and be very careful with yourself. I was also very surprised by the strength you have gained by resisting Juandi by taking you out. I thought you wanted to stay there to live. Congratulations”

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Thanks to this savage apnea, Marilo won the eighth gala of The challenge and donated the €10,000 to the ELA Association.