“He wouldn’t let me blink an eye”: Anna Kendrick reflects on the demanding conditions of filming ‘Scott Pilgrim’

Recently interviewed by ‘Vanity Fair’, the actress has not forgotten the special request made by director Edgar Wright on the set of the film in 2010.

Released 12 years ago Scott Pilgrim against the worldEdgar Wright’s third feature film, It hit theaters in 2010 to captivate critics and achieve a goal that is not always an easy task: delight comic book fans. with its wonderful adaptation of a famous, and much loved, Canadian comic series of the same name.

Scott Pilgrim It narrated the misadventures of the titular teenager -Scott-, played by Michael Cera, and the beginning of his love affair with the young Ramona, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. However, in order to continue his romance with the young woman, Scott would first have to face, in the purest final enemy style of a video game, with each and every one of the many ex-partners of his beloved.

It’s been over a decade since Scott Pilgrim took theaters by storm, but Anna Kendrick, who played the character’s little sister in the film, continues to have filming was very present and this is how he remembered it in a recent interview with Vanity Fair. In it, Kendrick, which we will soon see in the thriller Alice, honeyHe recalled that during the filming of certain sequences, Edgar Wright had demanded that his actors not blink an eye. In the purest Jenna Ortega style in Wednesday.

Edgar Wright is so hyperspecific he won’t even let you blink.

The scene in question that Kendrick was talking about takes place when his character has just found out that Kieran Culkin’s character has stolen her boyfriend, which ends with a “quick zoom” to his face in close-up for a comedic reaction. According to Kendrick, not being able to blink made the scene even more difficult in this particular casebecause Edgar Wright “wanted me to turn around, react, then zoom in and I’d say the line.”

“We did the quick zoom many times, because Edgar [Wright] he was extremely accurate, he wouldn’t even let me blink. He wouldn’t let you blink,” she said. “At specific times, he’d tell me, ‘A deliberately well-timed blink would be nice.’ It was very generous of him,” recalls Kendrick amused.