Heavy. The musical societies of the department in congress

On January 15, it was at the Palais des Congrès that Robert Valentie summoned the 28 companies in the department, representing 2,000 members. The federation allows and helps to popularize local music throughout the territory. It is affiliated to the Confédération Musicale de France and a member of the Regional grouping of Midi-Pyrénées. It participates in the management of the stock of instruments allocated by the regional council to the various musical societies. It provides training for young (and less young) musicians. To this end, it organizes every year, in Tarbes, federal examinations which officially certify the level of the musicians. A graduation diploma completes the training cycle. Each year, a spring course, with the practice of harmony music, is organised, supervised by conservatory teachers. The junior harmony (53 musicians) and the junior harmony (31 musicians) take part in the departmental festival and the regional gathering.

The annual departmental congress closes the financial year and prepares for the coming year. Pierrick Feral, secretary, retraced the 2022 activities: “If the activity has not returned to its level before 2020, it is clearly increasing”. For the exams, 127 students took part in music theory and 110 in instruments.

The next festival should take place in Lourdes, in October 2023 and the congress, in Bordères. To conclude, Thierry Lavit announced a new high-level convention center-auditorium for the area, thanks to the Plan Avenir Lourdes.