Heavy. “Voxitanie” records its first CD

The first significant event of this 2022 season for the Voxitanie men’s choir is the finalization of the recording of its first CD in the church of Poueyferré, Saturday April 23. “The recording started before confinement was thus able to be completed and the choir will soon have the pleasure of offering its audience a high-quality digital sound palette”, underlines Jean-Pierre Laffont, president of the association created in 2017. It has 19 singers and two professional musicians, René Vergès, accordionist and choirmaster and Christian Beucher, guitarist. After these two years of stoppage due to the health crisis, the Pyrenean men’s choir Voxitanie has returned to rehearsals. On May 14 and 15, the men’s choir will take up its pilgrim’s staff to bring its song to the land of Charentes-Maritimes. “Voxitanie will respond to an invitation from President Claude Revolte to participate in the Pons voice festival in the company of 200 choristers, where we were invited in 2018. On the return, the choir will perform in concert on June 4 in Casteyde in Béarnaise land and the June 18 in the Batsurguère valley in Ségus as part of a concert shared with “Pyrenea” choir of women from Lourdes”, continues Jean-PIerre Laffont. The president is happy to find his bigourdan audience for the greatest pleasure. The season opens under the best auspices with a new program and new titles for the concerts to come. Voxitanie sings a very varied repertoire of songs in seven languages, and the group’s sponsor is Edmond Duplan, composer and cantor from the Pyrenees.