Henry Cavill confesses about the accident in ‘The Witcher’ that could end his action career: “I was very lucky”

The actor suffered a major injury during the filming of season 2 that premieres on December 17 on Netflix.

It has been almost a year since Henry Cavill suffered a spectacular accident on set from The Witcher, but now that the season 2 premiere is just around the corner, the actor in charge of bringing the main character to life has spoken in greater depth about the injury suffered in December 2020. So has the ‘showrunner’ of fiction, Lauren Hissrich, who remembers how the interpreter, deeply in pain, retired to his dressing room in one of the trailers, after the hamstring (the back of the knee) in one of his legs was torn during a sprint through the woods.

As you both remember, the injury was serious and, although the only thing it caused was a delay in the filming of some scenes, they were fortunate: An injury of this type could have completely changed his career, which until now has been characterized by being a regular in titles that include numerous action scenes and that he is responsible for doing mostly without the need for doubles. Something that he loves.

“I remember Henry stopping short and wondering if he had tripped or had hit a stone,” Hissrich recalls in statements to The Hollywood Reporter. “I went to his trailer and he said he was in a lot of pain.” “It was a very, very bad tear. And I was very lucky that it was not a complete hamstring detachment.”, adds Cavill, who, despite the injury suffered, returned to work when he was still not 100% recovered, since the injury takes its time to recover.

According to Cavill, working while injured made the challenge of filming season 2 of The Witcher was older, but was clear from the beginning that he did not want to harm production, aware of all the work behind the calendars: “The biggest difficulty was working while injured. I wanted to do more for the production. I know how important it was for them to finish things, he assures the aforementioned publication.

‘The Witcher’: Henry Cavill was injured on the set

However, the actor also knew that he was lucky that the injury was not major and that he couldn’t force himself. If he did, maybe hehis career, so far full of action scenes, would end up being completely cut short.

So I tried to find the balance between the ‘Yeah, let’s push, push and shove’ and the ‘Hey, wait a minute. If it rips any further, this is the end of my action career. ‘ It was my worst moment in the past year, on a professional level [Henry Cavill]

Thus, although Cavill was more than willing to overcome the pain even if it hindered his recovery process, he was clear where the limits had to be drawn. Another of the lines that he has not wanted to cross in this second season of The Witcher it has been that of nudity, assuring that it would only do it in very specific circumstances: “It would have to be something in particular, specific for the narration of the story. And I would say that there is no space for that.”

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Season 2 of The Witcher It will once again consist of 8 episodes and will be released in full on Netflix on December 17.

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