He’s the rapper to follow: Joysad the “declassed” wants to break everything

the essential
Joysad, rapper from Périgord, will be performing at the first Sessions Curio du Bikini on Thursday 16 February. The opportunity to discover very soon a star of tomorrow.

His name is Nathan Fernandez, he is 22 years old and comes from Périgueux. On stage, it is impossible to miss him, his long brown curly hair, his chiseled texts and his technical diction. Moreover, Bigflo & Oli had chosen him as the first part, proof of the potential of the artist. It is part of the selection chosen by the programmers of the Bikini for the new edition of the curiosities of the Bikini, an evening renamed Session Curio.

Although at the start of his career, the young man has already released two albums: “Espace Temps” in 2021 and “Trou Noir” in 2022. However, it is still difficult to describe him: “I like to say that I am downgraded and indescribable”, smiles the interested party who intends to take advantage of each spotlight to surprise his audience.

“It (me) makes me happy to be on this Bikini scene, it’s proof that people believe in me. I’m going to have to cut everything out!”.

But if it really had to be defined, it would be through sharp live sound work, “with a real studio approach”, and tracks “emotional rap that showcases the storytelling “, all sprinkled with a slight tendency drama king he admits himself: “I am only touched by sounds that speak of dramas!”

“A Mbappé project but at the Fernandez”

But no disappointment on the horizon, the future looks bright. “Thanks to my mother for that, she organized meetings for me with record companies while I was at school. I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved in three years.” It’s a whole family story. “A kind of Mbappé project, but Fernandez-style! Even if I don’t have Macron’s number yet…”, jokes the rapper. But everything in its time. In the meantime, Joysad will share the Bikini stage with Prince Waly, NeS, Specy Men and Grizzy.

Joysad in concert on Thursday February 16 at 7 p.m. at the Bikini (Rue Théodore-Monod, Ramonville-Saint-Agne, as part of the Curio Sessions. Price: €6 (www.lebikini.com).