Hidden sexual references in Disney movies

Titles from the House of Mickey Mouse such as ‘The Lion King’, ‘Frozen, the ice kingdom’ and ‘The Little Mermaid’ hide possible subliminal messages in their scenes.

The movies of Disney They are characterized by being intended for the whole family. Its stories and themes entertain children and adults thanks to its various readings. But sometimes the studio’s films have a few winks that only grown-ups understand.

Believe it or not, Disney movies also hide sexual references. Some of them are well known and classic, such as those of The Lion King Y The little Mermaid. Others are more recent, such as those of Ratatouille Y Frozen the ice kingdom. Some of them even caused a great scandal, as is the case of what happened with The rescuers.

In SensaCinema we collect eight hidden sexual references in disney movies:

‘Frozen the ice kingdom’

In Frozen the ice kingdomwhen Anna Y Kristoff are talking, the protagonist says that “the size of the foot does not matter”. Some see in this dialogue a metaphor for the size of the penis.


In a moment of Ratatouille, a character appears painting nudes. The image flashes quickly, but those with good eyesight noticed this hidden sexual reference.

‘The little Mermaid’

This is one of the sexual references hidden in a movie of Disney best known. On the VHS cover of The little Mermaid, if you pay attention to the castle, you will be able to see a phallic shape. Apparently, the artist in charge of drawing the cover “at the last moment” decided to have fun by including a little sexual joke in his work.

‘The Lion King’

Another classic sexual reference is that of The Lion King. When Simba lies on the edge of a cliff, a cloud of stardust appears in the sky forming the word “sex”. According to Disney, it actually puts “SFX”a reference to the technology used in the animation studio.

‘Toy Story 2’

In Toy Story 2: The Toys Strike Back there is a scene where buzz lightyear admires jessie. At that moment, the wings of the space guardian rise rapidly. For some, it’s a discreet way to portray a possible erection.

‘The rescuers’

Another classic: the naked girl who hides in The rescuers. While the protagonists bianca Y Bernadette they are moving around the city inside a small can, in one of the windows you can see the naked torso of a woman. When the scandal came to light, Disney had to redistribute 3.4 million copies in which the image was removed. According to the studio, the denuso was included in the post-production of the film and none of its animators was to blame.

‘Cars 2’

In the early 2000s, an image called “Lemon Party” went viral on the internet. In it, a group of elderly people participated in an orgy. In Cars 2 there is a scene where the vehicles have a party surrounded by lemons. It didn’t take long for Disney fans to believe it was a reference to the erotic meme.

‘The Lion King’

At first glance it looks like a normal poster of The Lion Kingbut some claim that in the nose of Mufasa a woman can be seen lying face down.