Hogwarts Legacy leaked five years ago and we thought it was crazy: this is what was said about that video when it was not yet official – Hogwarts Legacy

It seems like yesterday when gameplay leaked for the first time of Hogwarts Legacy. It happened in 2018. Two users posted on Reddit and YouTube two separate videos showing the creation of the character, exploration and combat scenes. Not everyone gave credit to that and that seemed very real. The sets, modeling, and environments were all believable, and even famous spell names appeared on the HUD.

However, there were reasons for doubt. For starters, all the characters that looked they seemed more adults than expected for a game starring kids, there were too many cave exploration sequences, and there was always the possibility that it was a tech demo for a rejected project. But when Warner Bros. he hurried to delete the videos Uploaded by VapeThisBro on Reddit and RastaPasta on YouTube, we began to suspect something was afoot.

There was another clue that made us believe that the game would come true. In 2017, Avalanche posted a job offer which seemed to point to the development of a video game based on the Wizarding World. But who were the Avalanche back then? Well, some complete strangers who had worked on the failed Disney Infinity. Would they be able to get this project off the ground?

Hogwarts Legacy Leak

Remember when the trailer leaked in 2018?

The biggest difference we see between this leaked cut from 2018 and reality is in the interface. If you look at the top left of the screen, an ordered list of spells appears. It seems that the game was trying to create a system to make combos, and that this was evident to the player. Over the years this idea seems to have been abandoned in favor of a more classic open world HUD.

I was very amused that the trailer ended with a dragon and the main theme of the saga being shouted out loud. It seemed like a direct nod to Skyrim to me.

It did not take long to show that Hogwarts Legacy yes it was real. And here the madness broke out. On September 16, 2020, the first official trailer for the game was shown. Hogwarts was given a lot of emphasis and keywords were used: “history”, “legacy”, “your own story”, “change the future of the Wizarding World”, “friends for life”, “classes with the best teachers”, “a huge world” and “ancient knowledge”, referring to ancient magic. And personally, I was very amused that the trailer ended with a dragon and the main theme of the saga being shouted out loud. It seemed like a direct nod to Skyrim to me.

With this trailer the speculations began. We assumed that it would be an open world adventure game, but what time period would it take place? Would it be a canon game? How much of a social life at Hogwarts would the adventure have? Looking back now, it’s a shame that Hogwarts Legacy has not focused more on life at school. I’m not asking for a person 5but there would be more schedules, responsibilities and ways to connect more with your friends.

Hogwarts Legacy suffered the full pandemic

Of course, it was not all good news. The game was originally announced for 2021 and it hasn’t come out until 2023. The reasons can be attributed to various reasons. The main one was the pandemic. Although now it may seem a long way off, the coronavirus crisis greatly affected video game development, and Hogwarts Legacy ate it up. Comparing that first interface of the leaked video, the promises made in this trailer and the final title, it makes me wonder, would the game have changed something if the pandemic had not existed? whatIt would have fewer loot quest items, less padding and more social elements? I think that we will never know.

Fans from all over the world gathered for clues.

After those first trailers, and with this heated and necessary debate on the networks, the trailers began to follow one another in which many more details about the magical world were explained to us. It was 10 months ago when Warner Bros. activated its fierce marketing. In 3DJuegos we ran to look for clues and details in them to find out where the shots would go. Thus we discover that Hogwarts Legacy he was very adept at choosing when it would take place, as he would do so at a time when many of the main characters in the books were not yet alive.

That would give Avalanche a lot of hand in introducing new characters who could die if the plot required it, picking up elements of lore from the past and not betraying series canon. Although, perhaps, it was “too much” respect. One of the most asked questions and theories by fans was if we could enter the Chamber of Secrets. In the end, because the famous basilisk is living there, we cannot enter. However, I invite you to visit the girls’ bathroom at Hogwarts, Let’s see what you find out there…

This video game is one that will be remembered

And after that great leak of 2018, its release at the PlayStation Showcase, how hard the pandemic hit the world of videogames, a debate that is still open and its launch, Hogwarts Legacy It is now available to everyone. Without a doubt, this video game is one that will be remembered. In addition to everything that surrounds it, because it is a lesson in how to respectfully treat a universe that is very dear to its fans. It seems that the days of not respecting licenses are long gone, right?

When will Hogwarts Legacy 2 be released?

The question now is “Will we have Hogwarts Legacy 2?” Personally, I think so. There are still many stories to tell in the Wizarding World, and I doubt very much that the investment made by Avalanche to create these environments will stay in a single game. After all, it is a title with many years of development and that has to make the money spent on producing it profitable. Now it only remains to wait for a new leak to take place. Hopefully they will be encouraged to tell the story of Harry Potter’s children in the future. Like Boruto, but well.

A few days after its debut at the Playstation Showcase, Polygon published the article “Why I’m not going to buy the Harry Potter game”. In it he affirmed something with great reason. The author is well known for her transphobic views, so buying this game meant giving money to someone like that. That would allow you to support organizations with these ideals thanks to those royalties.

Today, That debate is still going on. Streamers like Alexelcapo they proclaimed on their twitter account: “I grew up with the Harry Potter books, the first was published in Spain in 1998, I was 11 years old like him and I was reading them as they came out. Today I don’t care about everything, I want to be that child again.” For its part, Gamespot refused to publish the analysis of the game. Instead, he took out a text on how to help the trans community explaining why they were not going to support this title.

The discussion is far from reaching a common consensus. On the one hand, it is terrible to know that we are giving money to someone who does not respect human rights, because the rights of trans people are human rights. On the other hand, something happens with fictions. When they connect with us, we make them part of our identity and we separate them from their author. We make it ours, so it is very difficult for us not to participate in them since it would be like betraying to that part of ourselves.