Honkai Star Rail: release date, news and all the details of the new game from the creators of Genshin Impact – Honkai: Star Rail

The creators of Genshin Impact They are directing the launch of a new title. HoYoverse’s strategy has always been to reinvest everything obtained with a video game in carrying out more premieres and the success of the adventures of the Traveler and Paimon will allow us to enjoy very soon Honkai: Star Rail. The saga that saw the birth of one of the most relevant developers in recent years returns to Android, iOS and PC, but it does so with differences. Although with the same anime aesthetic and RPG touch that we know, this time we are about to dive into the fighting for turns to explore an entire galaxy. Perfect opportunity if you think that Teyvat is starting to become too small.

Honkai: Star Rail Release Date

We don’t know exactly when Honkai: Star Rail will be released, but it won’t be too late. Throughout the last few months We could already enjoy the game in different phases of tests. The last one was a closed beta that took place in the months of May and June of 2022. In it the title already seemed quite refined and left us with great sensations. The problem is that since then not too many comments have been made about it and the game has not appeared at the galas in which it was expected. Without going any further, the Game Awards last December.

All told, the promotional campaign is still underway and nothing seems to have been delayed. This has resulted in It is theorized with a launch on March 7, 2023. The date is not chosen at random, since it honors one of the most charismatic characters in the video game, called “Siete de Marzo”. Deadlines are running out and HoYoverse would have to hurry up by speeding up the marketing campaign if they really plan to release Version 1.0 on that date. Yes indeed, in the worst case we can count on some progress or the revelation of great news. The premiere during the year is guaranteed by HoYoverse and we would put our hand in the fire that will be in the first half.

Mobile games tend to move in somewhat shorter development periods and promotional campaigns concentrated in time. Genshin Impact was unveiled some fourteen months before launch, it began its closed beta with just seven months left for release, and announced the exact date when something more than one was missing. In this sense, the theory of Siete de Marzo is still standing and, if it were released on the day that refers to the character, the terms would be almost identical to his greatest success so far.

March Seventh Honkai

Honkai: Star Rail was first introduced in October 2021

What is Honkai Star Rail about?

It is not necessary to have played other titles in the Honkai saga to enjoy this new installment. Although they take place in the same universe and have characters drawn directly from them, they are not obviously interconnected. Honkai: Star Rail offers us a whole new story in which we take the role of a Trazacaminos, a protagonist who can be male or female and who takes a role equivalent to that of Aether or Lumine in Genshin Impact. In this case, the protagonist has lost his memory and has a strange connection with a key element for the functioning of the world called Estelaron.

Our role will be to find ourselves while we solve the mysteries of the Estelaron, investigate the problems of other worlds to lend a hand, and learn the stories of the characters who accompany us on the adventure. We do not want to go into too much detail because it is always better to know as little as possible, but we can wait. a structure similar to that of Genshin Impact. In this case there is no large open world, but independent (and gigantic) planets that act as the worlds of a classic JRPG. Each of them is equivalent to one of the large regions of the aforementioned Genshin and will offer us a very similar playable loop.

Jarilo Honkai Star Rail

Our first stop will be a spectacular frozen world

How do you play Honkai Star Rail?

Having already mentioned the planetary structure and removal of the continuous open world from Genshin Impact, the other big difference between Honkai: Star Rail and the other HoYoverse titles is the combat. The Chinese company had already mastered the action in real time and that is what we all expected. However, this time they have decided on the turn-based combat. Battles that we enter with up to four characters and in which our rivals (the number is variable) have elementary weaknesses and that require a good strategic approach.

We should not expect great depth in the fights, since there are only three attacks: basic, elemental and ultimate. However, there are a few mechanics that make it very entertaining. For example, the finals can interrupt the succession of the rival attacks. In addition, it has the option of double the speed so that we finish faster in case a fight is too simple or tedious. if you have to ‘farm’It better be under these circumstances.

When it comes to getting characters or making them progress, you can expect a Trace to the latest HoYoverse game. We will have limitations equivalent to Resin, we will need to collect items to level up and there will be ascensions or constellations. The new units will also have to be purchased for some gachapones that work almost identically. As usual, it will be kind to the free to play in the sense of not needing too much to pass the story, but as we want to get serious…

Honkai Star Rail Fighting

Real-time action gives way to turn-based combat

The worlds and characters of Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail has shown us, so far, three key environments. The first is the herta space station, the place where the story begins. It is the one that has appeared in trailers the most and receives an attack as soon as we start our game. What happens next is better to find out for yourself, but here we will meet our first companions…

  • Arlan: He leads the security department and is willing to risk his life for the continuity of Herta. He has a very nice and adorable dog. When he fights he does so with an electric sword.
  • Pole: Chief Researcher of the Space Station. She is one of the smartest characters and has a strong personality. She has a kind of staff that deals a lot of damage in the area and has some very interesting ‘passives’.
  • Hertha: He gave his name to the space station and is one of the most interesting characters. It is quite curious to discover it for yourself and we recommend you not to look for much information about it.

From the Herta Space Station we went to the star express (Star Rail) that gives the game its title. These will be, at least in the part of the adventure that we were able to play, our first companions. We will receive them free of charge and, for comparison, some of them take the role of Amber, Lisa and Kaeya.

  • Himeko: He is one of the most important characters in the history of Honkai, and he returns in Star Rail. She fixed the Star Express by herself and began an adventure through space. Her combat power increases the more enemies she defeats.
  • March Seventh: He is the most adorable character of Star Rai. She is called that because she appeared lost and without memory on March 7. In combat she attacks with a bow to protect allies and annoy enemies.
  • dan heng: He is quite reserved and has trouble coming to terms with his past. In combat he uses a spear and offers a lot of speed control.
  • Welt: It has quite an interesting story and it will be very important in the lore. We tell you the same as with Herta, better not to investigate too much until we can play.
Honkai Star Rail Characters

These will be some members of our initial team

The last environment of Honkai: Star Rail known so far ands Jarilo-VI. This is about a frozen planet that only has one habitable city: Belobog. This environment is warm thanks to a whole technological system in the subsoil. However, if we go to this area it is because a few problems have occurred that we will have to solve. With planets being the equivalent of a large region in Genshin Impact, this is where most characters come from. However, mentioning them would be going into considerable spoilers.

We have mentioned seven characters and omitted eight, but we would still have two of those announced to mention. They are the ones that are part of the faction of the Stellaron Hunters. Exactly where they come from is unknown, although we did cross our minds in beta that they were the equivalent of Fatui.

  • Kafka: It has a fundamental role at the beginning of the story and it does not seem that its importance is going to diminish. In combat he combines sword and guns in a sensational way.
  • silver wolf: Character set in the gamer cliché who accompanies Kafka at the beginning of the adventure. Its inconsistency and design will make it a favorite of many. It attacks with a kind of dagger and has spectacular animations.
Silver Wolf Honkai

Silver Wolf will soon become a community favorite

A total of 18 characters have been officially revealed for Honkai: Star Rail so far (including Pathfinder), and others that have yet to be named have been teased as well. Some of them seem to be part of a still unknown planet that, presumably, will complete the assortment of initial scenarios and will be our destination after finishing the tasks in Jarilo-VI. It is to be hoped that when the launch takes place the figure will increase. Although it may not reach those numbers, Genshin Impact opened with a total of 22 (including the Traveler).

Honkai: Star Rail Minimum Requirements and Launch Platforms

Honkai: Star Rail promises to be one of the best mobile games of 2023, but it will not stay only on iOS and Android. As minimum, will be available on its release date on PC. It also aims to reach consoles, although here things are much more uncertain. The developers have asked players to “keep an eye out for future updates”, but have not mentioned anything about it again. It is to be hoped that, at a minimum, it will be available in ps4 Y PS5 at its premiere or soon after. Versions would remain to be confirmed for Xboxwhich has already run out of Genshin Impact, and nintendoswitch. We have doubts –although this is pure speculation– about whether they will be encouraged by the Nintendo hybrid after genshin disaster on switch.

Minimum requirements

Regarding the minimum requirements, we must bear in mind that they may change due to optimization improvements, but in the last beta they were the following.

  • pc: Intel Core i5 processor or better, 8GB of RAM and Nvidia GTX970 or better. Of course, the equivalents of other companies are valid.
  • Android: Snapdragon 865, Kirin 9000 or higher processors
  • iOS: iPhone X, iPhone 8+ or better; iPad with A12 processor or more. At least iOS 12, no mac support.
Genshin Impact Switch

We are still waiting for the arrival of Genshin Impact on Nintendo Switch

Honkai: Star Rail and more from HoYoverse in 2023

Honkai: Star Rail promises to kick off what could be the best year in HoYoverse history. A complementary and very interesting title that should arrive in the coming months. It will, for sure. before the Fontaine region is introduced in Genshin Impact throughout the next summer and also before the premiere of Zenless Zone Zero. A delight both on mobile phones and the rest of the platforms that promises to make us vibrate again with ultra-charismatic characters and an adventure of those that are worth it.