Household scenes: why the episodes annoy some fans this week

the essential
The series “Household scenes” remains a success with audiences every evening on M6 at 8:30 p.m. But this week’s scenarios do not please all the fans who have failed to make it known on social networks.

When “Household Scenes” goes green, not everyone likes it. The channels and radios of the M6 ​​group (M6, W9, RTL, RTL2, Fun Radio…) are organizing a whole week devoted to the environment. The “green week” aims to make viewers and listeners aware of waste, biodiversity and responsible purchasing.

A theme which is declined on the antennas of the group, including in the scenarios of “Household scenes”. Tuesday, all the sketches revolved around ecology. Wednesday night, a big party.

We could see Camille planting tomatoes with her aunt’s ashes mixed with compost, Philippe tangling his brushes to find out whether or not the empty yogurts went into the recycling bin, Huguette and Raymond angry because their neighbors wanted teaching them about compost or José rejoicing in the car-free day because Liliane wouldn’t be able to drive.

A repetitive or even unique theme that annoyed some of the viewers who complained about it on social networks.

#domestic scenes I who love this series very much, tonight they are starting to break my balls with their ecological propaganda!!!
It’s fucking pissed off.

—Michael Jones (@mikecarter56000) February 8, 2023

#m6 you are tiring with your special ecology household scenes. It gets very heavy.

— Raphael (@RaphVernhes) February 8, 2023

@M6Group fed up with the green propaganda scene in the household scene, I zap

— Rourou (@rourou6661) February 8, 2023

The global warming special of the household scene is a terrible mixture of humor bof and climatoscepticism, it’s horrible

— Elliot (@elliit_volt) February 7, 2023

@Domestic scenes And @M6 , you should stop with your environment at each sketch, I’m not hiding that it’s drunk? , what is this brainwashing?

—Jonathan Smith (@JohnRid59870190) February 7, 2023

It is true that this recurring theme repeated itself, even if it meant giving the series an air of a lesson giver when its strength lies precisely in the diversity of themes within the couple and the manias of each and everyone. The awareness campaign did not have the desired effect for these disgruntled viewers.