How ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ Has Become the Focus of Answers for ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4

The first volume of the new installment of the Netflix series will be released on May 27. The second half will do so on July 1.

If the first delivery of stranger things reminded us of the gooniesin the last one it completely changes third to become Nightmare in Elm street. They had already been warning us that season 4 of stranger things it was the “darkest” and “scariest” to date and they weren’t kidding. With a very marked tribute to the Freddy Krueger saga, the new batch of episodes -which will be released on Netflix on May 27- promises to make our hair stand on end on more than one occasion and they have an expert among their ranks.

Robert Englund, the same one who has gotten into Krueger’s burned skin on a dozen occasions, has joined the cast of the fourth installment to play Victor Creel, a new character that will give a lot of play. creel is a resident of Hawkins who in the 50s was accused of having murdered his two children and his wife in a terrible way. In 1986, the year in which the fourth installment of Stranger Things is set, he is one of the patients at the Pennhurst psychiatric hospital and could have many of the answers that Nancy (Natalia Dyer), Robin (Maya Hawke) and the rest of the group need. .

A luxury collaboration that has excited the actors. At the press conference that took place in Madrid this week, Natalia Dyer recounted how it has been working with this horror film legend: “Working with Robert Englund has been incredible. He’s brought super positive energy to the set, and without spoilers, there’s one point where he has a lengthy monologue where he gave it his all. The feeling we have is non-stop, there is a lot of action and suddenly you have great moments like this. This season pays homage to all of these horror legends and having one of them on set was incredible.”

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The relationship between ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’

The connection between the Netflix series and the saga of Nightmare in Elm street it is clear And not just because Robert Englund is part of the cast. The duffer brotherscreators of the fiction, have had it in the spotlight throughout its development. “We thought about what it would be like if they were in their own version of A Nightmare on Elm Street, basically”reveals Matt Duffer to netflix-queue. In fact, one of the recommendations they made to the cast when preparing for the new batch of episodes was that they had to watch Krueger’s movies.

At the beginning of the recommendations, the Duffers had many recommendations for us to prepare for the season and one of them was to see ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’. They told me that I had to see it because there was a correlation between the movies and this installment. I’m not the biggest fan of the horror genre, but I’ve seen them and I haven’t had too much of a bad time watching them,” reveals Dyer at the press conference in Madrid.

The Duffers grew up (terrified) watching the Elm Street saga and what they wanted to transfer to fiction is its purest essence. “When you put an unexplained demon into very normal, everyday American life, that’s the scariest thing. Suddenly I go to bed and think, ‘Is Freddy going to come through the roof and take me away?’ him?”, they told New York Times at the beginning of 2021.

Victor Creel is a key player in the history of Hawkins

The story behind Victor Creel is not only very engaging, but also necessary to understand all the strange events that have been taking place in Hawkins in recent years. The Duffers already warned in 2021 that Victor Creel’s house is “fundamental” to understand the world Inside Out and we must keep our eyes wide open to everything that happens in it.

The creators know that after four installments of not really understanding what’s going on, fans need some answers and that’s just what season 4 of stranger things. The end is near and it is now or never. The new episodes will further explore the story of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and take us back to Dr. Brenner’s laboratory.

The first part of the season 4 of stranger things It will be ready to be enjoyed on Netflix from May 27. The second batch will see the light on July 1.

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