How do actors pretend it’s summer when it’s below zero? Leo Harlem and María Barranco give the trick

The two interpreters have been invited to El Hormiguero to present ‘El Refugio’, a Christmas movie shot at 30 degrees.

Recreate cold December mornings in a high mountain hotel when the thermometers read 30 degrees? It can and is what they have done in The shelter, the Christmas movie directed by Macarena Astorga. The actors Leo Harlem and María Barranco have come as guests to The Hormiguero and they have recounted their experience with the changed seasons. It is something that happens constantly in the world of cinema and, really, it is not the worst case that an interpreter can face.

It happens, for example, that they have to pretend that they are enjoying a sunny and hot day, when in reality it is below zero. In these cases they have an additional problem and that is that, when they speak, the mist comes out of their mouths. So that the viewer is not confused when seeing this phenomenon in what should be the middle of August, they have a trick: ice in the mouth.

“But that always happens at the movies. In winter then you shoot with a strap-on dress and that’s it, and you have to pretend you’re hot with a fan. You have to put ice in your mouth so you don’t get steam when you speak. This is very hard, Pablo“, says Barranco, who must know all the tricks of the cinema after 35 years of career. His partner in the film, Harlem, tells how they do it.

Before saying the texts, you put ice in your mouth so that it cools down and does not leave steam when you speak

On the set of The shelter they suffered the opposite effect and had to fight not to suffer from fainting due to the high temperatures. “We wore underwear but they were practically towels because with 30 degrees outside, with down jackets, scarf … We were sweating like real chickens. We took off our clothes and it was amazing“says the comedian half jokingly half seriously.

The shelter is a comedy that begins when a group of characters, each more peculiar, is trapped in a mountain hotel because of a storm. There is an actor in his low hours and the promise that can replace him, also a very unique yoga instructor, a couple and his ex, a group of children wanting to have fun and the owner of the hotel, who may not use the best methods. It hits Spanish cinemas on November 26.

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