‘How I Met Your Father’: Kim Cattrall turns a spin-off into a papel clave

The ex from ‘Sex in New York’ has gone from the ‘revival’ of her own series, but is encouraged with another equally popular project.

Kim Cattrall will not be Samantha again in the ‘revival’ of Sex in New York, And Just Like That…But that hasn’t stopped her from joining another long-awaited nostalgic comeback. Cattrall has signed for How I Met Your Father, the ‘spin off’ of how I Met Your Mother, to give voice to Sophie, the protagonist, in the future.

He has the same function as Bob Saget, the comedian who recounted the life of Ted Mosby in the original fiction. Saget served to narrate what happened to the protagonist from a more ‘omnipresent’ position, which served to introduce various mysteries and play with the plot. We may not see Cattrall on stage, but he will have a valuable contribution to fiction.

How I Met Your Father will star Hillary Duff, who picks up the witness from Ted Mosby to tell his son how he met his father. It contains all the elements of the series that brought Josh Radnor to fame: a group of friends on the road to self-discovery and a city with unlimited options for dating. We return again to the world of orange stockings, one-night stands and flirting techniques, albeit in an updated way.

Confirmed: ‘How I Met You Father’ will connect with ‘How I Met Your Mother’ (and cameos expected)

If you are a fan of how I Met Your Mother and you expect a connection with the old group of friends, you will like to know that it is among the plans of the team, although we still do not know how it will do it. “I don’t want to say too much and the script is going to change a bit. But it has a connection and I hope we get some fun appearances from the original cast. “Duff declared in May 2021. Although he has not assured, we can still hope to see Josh Radnor, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segel on occasion.

The main cast of How I Met Your Father consists of Chris Lowell (Jesse), Francia Raisa (Valentina), Tien Tran (Ellen), Tom Ainsley (Charlie) and Suraj Sharma (Sid). “There are a lot of love story opportunities with this show because it’s Sophie and three guys, so there’s going to be this constant question of, ‘Who is the father? through dating as it is today, “said Duff in an interview with SiriusXM.

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