How much gore and ultraviolence are you capable of withstanding?: exclusive of ‘Terrifier 2’, the bloodiest and most gore clown in the history of cinema

On February 24, ‘Terrifier 2’ will be released in cinemas throughout Spain, a film that has caused vomiting and fainting

whatHow much gore and ultraviolence can you bear From time to time a film appears that seems produced to answer this question. Extreme proposals of recent times such as A Serbian Film, martyrs either The Human Centipede they have caused headlines in the press that oscillated between sheer lies and exaggerations. “Fainting, fainting, people fleeing the cinema, ambulances at the door…” We have been able to read things like that on numerous occasions and the vast majority of them had a lot to do with marketing tricks. Although some scared did suffer some of the projections.

The latest to cause a real stir in US movie theaters has been Terrifier 2, sequel to a dark B-movie horror film that paid homage to the gross slasher of the nineties (with films like those of the German Olaf Ittenbach or products indies as darkness by Leif Jonker that turned video stores upside down in that decade and that we were able to enjoy here thanks to Manga Films.

You can take a look at the madness of Terrifier 2 in the exclusive clip that you will see on these lines.

The cruelest and bloodthirsty clown of all time

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Terrifier It was a film that passed without pain or glory, despite being in a certain way a quite estimable work, if we look at it with the eyes of the gore fan. In Spain we have been able to see it thanks to the Prime Video platform and those of us who went through the (domestic) box office were able to enjoy the adventures of the clown Art, a character with enough charisma to become the new Jason.

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Art the clown had already appeared in the debut film by the same director, Damien Leone, a true fan of the genre and creator of the character. The title of the movie was halloween eve and the best thing about her, without a doubt, was Art and his taste for offal fine. Like Terrifier, we got to see it on Prime Video.

The film that has caused fainting in the United States already has a release date in Spain

And 2022 arrived, and with it, Damien Leone’s return to the character of Art in a direct sequel to Terrifier. His name, predictably, was Terrifier 2 and soon it became the movie to resist without looking away, especially for a particular scene and the reactions of the viewers before her that they counted on their social network accounts, especially TikTok.

Terrifier 2 It is a sequel to the first, but it can be perfectly enjoyed as a standalone film. In it, we will attend the story of Sienna (Lauren LaVera) who, after losing her father, intends to pay tribute to her, disguising herself as a character created by him. Meanwhile, her little brother (Elliott Fullam) walks obsessed with a certain Art The Clown. In the middle, the bloody clown does his thing in the community. Sienna’s journey will have much of an initiation journey, since she will have to face the clown and his greatest fears, in general.

‘Terrifier 2’ opens on February 24 in cinemas in Spain

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If you feel brave enough to face this 138 minute gore epic and attend the macabre ‘adventures’ of Art, from February 24 you will be able to do so in cinemas throughout Spain. And to whet your appetite, never better said, a succulent clip in which we can already see some of the brutality of the tape. We say nothing: just hit the play and ready.

The film produces those feelings of disgust and rejection because, in addition, the director has seen fit to create the effects without using a computer. That is to say: all the offal, mutilations and jets of blood that we will see flood the screen are ‘real’, not digitally produced. The effect, of course, is very realistic.

In short, the February 24 is the appointment: finally you will be able to measure yourself face to face with one of the wildest, daring, bloody and cruel films of recent times. Will you dare to go through the box office?