How much has ‘The Squid Game’ cost? Netflix’s is one of the most expensive series in South Korea

Preparing sets as immense as the ‘Red light, green light’, the glass bridge or the stairs where workers and participants circulate should not be cheap.

The Squid Game, the series that ten years ago was described as too violent and strange, has now swept the world. Netflix hosted it on September 17 and it wouldn’t be a surprise if it became the most watched fiction of the year, as few subscribers remain who haven’t seen it yet. A reception that the creators must have seen with relief, since we are facing one of the most expensive fictions of South Korean fiction.

Those who have already seen it will have been impressed with the sets through which the protagonists move, starting with those colored stairs through which workers and participants circulate. There is also the place where they play ‘Red light, green light’ or the impressive structure of the glass bridge that makes them fall into the void. All that, as you can imagine, is not cheap and has made the budget of The Squid Game increase to a total of, supposedly, between 15 and 20 million euros, as reported Today Online and The Tab.

Although they are not official data, It is said that each episode of the Netflix series has cost between 1.5 and 2.5 million euros, a sum of what the sets, the setting and, of course, the salary of the actors have cost. Everything that appears in fiction has been built from scratch. “The set was almost like a dream,” said Lee Jung-Jae.

As the art director Chae Kyoung-sun has revealed, the set that cost them the most to make was not the rope game or the glass walkway, but the marbles game, since they recreated the alleys that exist in Korean towns.

What the actors of ‘The Squid Game’ have received

Taking into account the total cost of production and what some media claims, Lee Jung Jae, the actor who plays the main character Seong Gi Hun, would have received a few 216,000 euros for each episode in which you have participated. He is the highest paid among all his peers and also one of the South Korean actors who have received the most money for his work, although he would not reach the level of Kim Soo Hyun (It’s Okay To Not Be Okay).

Following these data, Park Hae Soo, the actor who plays 456 player Cho Sang Woo’s childhood friend, has received a much lower salary than his partner, with only 42,000 euros per episode. Third on the list is Jeong Ho Yeon, who plays North Korean Kang Sae Byeok in the series and who would have received “a few hundred thousand Taiwanese dollars.” Or what is the same, a few thousand euros for each episode.

Despite having a lower salary, we suppose that he agreed to this because it was his first role, the benefit of having appeared in The Squid Game It is huge, as it has catapulted him to fame. Since the fiction was released, her followers on Instagram have increased from 400,000 to almost 17 million and she has placed herself in the crosshairs of many directors, creators and fashion designers, since in addition to being an actress, she is also a model.

The Squid Game It is not the most expensive Korean series in its history, but it has stayed close. They win the second and third seasons of Penthouse, which exceeded 20 million euros in total, Sweet Home, who spent the same amount on fewer episodes, and Kingdom, which tops the list with a cost of just over 20 million in just 6 chapters.

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