How much money does Riot Games make with a Valorant skin? The amounts are stratospheric and increasing every year – Valorant

How much money can a company like Riot Games selling a single cosmetic? The answer might seem unattainable. However, from the developer they have recently revealed a devastating fact. In just a month, one of the last skins released for Valorant has managed to raise 20 million dollars in benefits. The data has been made public because half of these profits will be shared with all the teams that participated in the recent VCT Lock In played in Brazil and from which Fnatic emerged victorious.

More than 20 million with the sale of a single skin

There were several circumstances that made this cosmetic one particularly desired by the community. First of all, it is a knife. Melee weapons have a special value in this type of videogames as they are the most loved by the community. It should also be taken into account that the fact support professional teams with the purchase it also encourages spending in a slightly more carefree way and that was a relatively expensive cosmetic. Contrary to what it may seem, the experience with games like League of Legends tells us that the most expensive skins are the ones that generate the most money.

However, the amount is a real brutality and reaffirms the good tendency of Valorant. This is not the first time that the developer has offered data on skin sales for competitive events or other situations. In this sense, we can establish a very marked time line.

  • Give Back Bundle 2021 (charity): +11 million dollars
  • 2x Valorant Champions 2021 Skins (competitive support): +15 million dollars
  • 2x Valorant Champions 2022 Skins (competitive support): +32 million dollars
  • VCT Lock In 2023 Skin (Competitive Support): +20 Million Dollars
Vct Lock In Knife

The VCT Lock In’s knife didn’t even look particularly appealing

Keep in mind that, except for the two Valorant Champions packs, each of the cosmetic sets have different characteristics. In this sense, the comparison is not so simple. For example, we don’t consider the revenue from the 2022 World Cup to be much higher than the 2023 VCT ​​Lock In. Obviously, there is a difference of several million dollars. However, the pack for this tournament included, in addition to a butterfly-shaped knife, a new look for the Phantom. We are talking about extra content that also affects one of the three most used weapons in the video game and that justifies that difference.

It is to be hoped that over the next few months they will be revealed new data on the sale of skins of the already finished 2022. Riot Games once again carried out a solidarity initiative, recovering the spirit of the Give Back Bundle, which will probably get some results much higher than those achieved in 2021. Valorant It is very strong and it is a second sword that, along with League of Legends, keeps Riot Games as one of the most successful developers on the planet.

How are the figures compared to League of Legends?

Riot Games is much less clear when it comes to confirming the income earned from the sale of League of Legends cosmetics. The increase in the world cup prizes derived from the sale of skins It hasn’t been made public for a long time.. The last piece of information we have is related to Order Warrior Karma, who made $6 million in profits. It’s a much smaller amount, but the data is a bit tricky. While in Valorant there are four outstanding weapons for the creation of skins (Vandal, Phantom, Operator and melee) in League of Legends we are on our way to 163 champions.

Dawnbringer Karma

League of Legends probably generates less with each skin, but with a much higher total income than Valorant

In this sense, sales are much more spread out. A player of Karma, a ranged spell and shield-focused Sorceress played as support for the team, might not want to buy a skin for Kha’Zix, a winged mutant cockroach that obliterates enemies in a single combo. Karma is a relatively popular character, but is only used in 6% of games and the least played position by the community. In this sense, comparisons are much more complicated. Besides, League of Legends receives an average of five skins every couple of weeks. That’s a lot of cosmetics for sale.

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