How the story of the death of a climber inspired the summons of Persona… and Dragon Ball Super – Persona 5

as they are gone happening the chapters of Personasomething that was very characteristic of the first ones has been softened: morbid, gloomy and horrible urban legends. This is especially noticeable when going from Persona 3 to Persona 4. In the third one there is talk of a cursed hour in which human beings turn into coffins, which is quite bad vibes. In the fourth this starting point is sweetened. It says that if you watch television on a rainy day you will be able to see your better half.

But if we take a step back, and from Persona 3 we go to Person 2 and the original, things get even trickier. There is an urban legend in Asia called the Square or Corner Game. Its origin is not entirely clear, but the most widely accepted is that it is based on the story of five explorers who climbed a mountain hours before a storm.

Unfortunately, one of them died. The rest of the group dragged his lifeless body into a cabin. There, the four of them gathered around the corpse, linked their hands, and asked their soul to protect them until the rescue team arrived. That is why this legend is called “square” or “game of the corners”, because between them they formed a square with four corners. to invoke a superior force.

Dragon Ball Z Person urban legend

super saiyan god

This urban legend is in Dragon Ball Super

Yes Have you read Dragon Ball Super? either Have you seen the movie Battle of Gods? You will remember that strange moment in which Goku becomes Saiyan God. To achieve this, six Saiyans make a circle with him in the center, as narrated in Square. The objective is to summon the soul of the original Super Saiyan, Yamoshi, so that it visits Son Goku’s body and he can ascend. That is to say, They are putting this myth into practice. And now you will ask yourself, and why six and not four? Well, that may be because of the Chinese influences in the original manga.

Now that you know more about this urban legend, you are thinking of other Japanese productions that use it to tell something

The IChing is a Chinese model for guessing and philosophizing about the future. It is a figure made up of hexagrams, and each hexagram is exactly six representations of either yin or yang. When they come together they make up a figure with meaning., to Son Goku in this case. Until I realized all this, that moment in Dragon Ball Super seemed very ridiculous to me. Now it still seems that way to me, but I understand it a little more.

In the case of Person 2, stick to the original urban legend. This is a very interesting game because he has these myths at the center of his narration. We, by playing, create rumors. When these are spread they come true and change the game world. In Innocent Sin, four teenagers gather around a mobile phone, call the same number from it, and summon a demon. This is exactly the same as Square tells us, only passed through the filter of the Atlus saga in which they mix these esoteric stories with technology.

Dragon Ball Z Person urban legend

Joker, protagonist of Persona 5

I have always been amazed by this evil dot of Persona

The funny thing is that this being that is born through this ritual is called Joker, and do you remember what nickname the protagonist of Persona 5 receives? Well, curiously, this Joker is a murderer who sends a note to his victim before killing her. Before I take your heart away

Surely, now that you know more about this urban legend, you are thinking of other Japanese productions that use it to tell something. Do not hesitate to mention them in the comments and encourage you to try the fantastic Person 2: Innocent Sin. Of this, it would be incredible if they did a proper remake, because it is fantastic.