How to shave yourself to get these 8 mythical mustaches from movie history

Discover the techniques to show off a film ‘look’ thanks to the innovative Philips OneBlade electric razor.

November has already become the month of the mustache thanks to Movember, a movement that focuses on raising awareness about men’s health and that raises funds to finance projects on mental health and prevention of suicide, prostate and testicular cancer. For this, anyone who wishes to participate has to take an essential first step: grow a mustache.

At this point, you may have a great doubt about which mustache is best for you, taking into account your features and the shape of your face. To help you in this decision, we not only bring you 7 facial hair looks that are undoubtedly mythical in film history (plus a final bonus only suitable for the funniest), but we also explain how to make them yourself at home using the perfect machine for it: Philips OneBlade.

To do this, we have spoken with Jaume Martí, director of Barbers Crew, one of the best barbershops in Madrid, which has given us the keys to make your mustache the most stylish in this Movember. Go for it!

Brad Pitt in ‘Inglourious Basterds’

Universal Pictures

We start with the mustache that Brad Pitt wore in Inglourious Basterds, known as pencil mustache or lampshade. And, of course, a question arises: do you have to have the face of Brad Pitt himself to make us look good? For your peace of mind, you should know that no, it is not necessary.

Jaume Martí tells us that this type of mustache is indicated for more well rounded faces, but that it can look good on another type of face such as Pitt himself, which is more square. “To get it at home, the ideal would be to use the razor Philips OneBlade to shave our entire face, except the mustache. Then, we will use the guide comb with the length at which we want to leave the mustache and finally we will complete the look by outlining with the upper part of the blade, without the guide comb, the upper area of ​​the lip “, he explains.

Henry Cavill in Mission: Impossible – Fallout ‘

Paramount Pictures

Although for the role of Superman he has to be completely shaved, in Mission: Impossible – Fallout we saw Henry Cavill sporting a fantastic style mustache bearstache. Suitable for faces with strong features, it is recommended for anyone who likes the outlaw style of the Far West.

First, you will have to grow your beard for later, using the Philips OneBlade With a short guide comb, achieve a 3-day stubble look. “On the other hand, we will trim the mustache very little, with a longer guide comb, leaving it as dense and populated as possible, so that it has all the prominence”, Martí tells us. To which he adds: “If we want this look not to appear sloppy, we will shave the contour of the neck and cheekbones so that it is a clean image.” We take note!

Daniel Day-Lewis en ‘Gangs of New York’

Intermedia Films

Another look you can go for this Movember is that of Daniel Day-Lewis in Gangs of New York as Bill ‘The Butcher’. We are facing a mustache connoisseur Accompanied by straight sideburns with an oblique cut at the jawline. Easily recognizable and more characterful, it was a typical British infantry mustache. Or any self-respecting villain, of course.

It looks good on any type of face and you can get it yourself by following the advice of the director of Barbers Crew. “We must start with a considerable beard length and density. We outline the sideburns and chin where we are going to shave with Philips OneBlade and proceed to do so. We will leave the mustache natural and with the greatest possible length, and we will apply mustache wax on the central part to open it towards the ends. At the ends we will apply a little more wax with our fingers to get the shape “, he tells us.

Johnny Depp in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

The Walt Disney Pictures

Although what is most striking about his facial hair style is his mustache, what Johnny Depp wears in the Pirates of the Caribbean saga is a beard or perilla regia, very suitable for faces with little hair density.

If you want to achieve a similar result by doing it yourself, you will have to shave the area of ​​the face that you want to expose. Then, using the guide combs of the Philips OneBlade shaver, leave the desired length in the area of ​​the goatee and the mustache, and outline the latter by making a half moon to give it that shape of falling towards the sides.

In this type of beard, the aim is to leave the mustache area and the goatee disconnected. We can also shape the part of the fly (the area under the lower lip) to get a three-piece Sparrow beard.

In the case of wanting to achieve the complete pirate look, leave the chin area longer to be able to make the braids.

Samuel L. Jackson en ‘Pulp Fiction’

Jersey Films

The facial hair style worn by Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction as Jules Winnfield created such a trend that the character himself ended up giving him a name. Going into detail, the look Winnfield can be described as horseshoe knob with fine ax sideburns.

It is recommended for men with more rounded features looking to add angles and lengthen the face. To get this look at home, follow these steps. First, run the Philips OneBlade with the longest comb over the entire beard. Next, remove the guide comb and outline the goatee and sideburns to the shape you want and shave the rest of the face, exposing the chin and the area between the goatee and sideburns. And ready! You will be a Winnfield of life.

Robert Downey Jr. en ‘Iron Man’

Sony Pictures

Classic padlock knob with wider ends to create angles. This is how we define the style of facial hair with which we usually see Robert Downey Jr. when he plays Tony Stark in any movie in the Marvel universe.

Indicated for more rounded faces or beards with sparsely populated areas, we can achieve this look by shaving the cheek area and, with the upper part of the blade, we will define the contour of the goatee and the mustache. In this case, we will trim the lower part of the mustache just above the lip. To make the area below it cleaner, we can outline the ends of the fly with the same contour blade. You can do all this with the Philips OneBlade, without complications.

Wes Bentley in ‘The Hunger Games’


Although it is not a proper mustache, this article could not miss, due to its originality, the extraordinary beard of Wes Bentley playing Seneca Crane in The Hunger Games. It is a classic beard with a Latin design, only suitable for men with very thick facial hair, time to spare, and a pulse-theft-proof tambourine.

If you want to achieve it, follow in the footsteps of the barber Jaume Martí: “Take the Philips OneBlade and, with a guide comb of the length you want, trim the entire beard. Next, with the blade part, outline and shave the neck. Do the same in the part of the cheekbones and take the opportunity to make the drawings that we want in the upper contour “.

Bonus: Groucho Marx

Metro Goldwyn Mayer

We close with what is probably the most mythical mustache of the seventh art. And, if we talk about mustache and cinema, our mind immediately goes to the face of Groucho Marx. So much so that, beyond having created a trend, the groucho mustache it has become a recurring item to dress up.

“To achieve this look at home we will use the Philips OneBlade to shave the entire face in full, leaving it as clean and neat as possible, with a lot of emphasis on the mustache area. Next, we will take our trusty marker and draw a rectangular mustache as much as possible. width that allows us our distance between the lip and the nose practically reaching the cheekbones. We will accompany this look with two good eyebrows also outlined with our marker and our best movie smile “, concludes Jaume with a laugh.

Whatever your mustache, use the Philips OneBlade


As you can see, regardless of the style of mustache, beard or goatee you choose, you can achieve the best result using a single tool: the Philips OneBlade.

It is a electric blade than, thanks to the cutting head, which moves 200 times per second, allowing you to shave completely, wet or dry, and trim to different lengths using its guide combs. All of it regardless of the length of the hair, with total quickly and without causing cuts or skin irritation. And, if you dare to innovate with your body hair, you can also do it with OneBlade in a totally safe way, even down there … But that is another movie!

What do you think? Do you dare to see yourself as a celluloid star this Movember?

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