How to win ‘The Squid Game’? A video reveals the key for each of the games

The You Tube channel ‘Cinema Summary’ has analyzed each of the tests and found the best strategy to succeed.

If you’ve been hooked on The Squid Game on Netflix, one of the questions that may have resonated the most in your head is the what would be the perfect strategy to follow to win the competition and win the cash prize.

As always when a series or movie sweeps in this way, many followers have not stopped thinking about the title in question, looking for loose ends or “loopholes” in the different tests that could make a considerable change in the final result or even have saved them all. That is precisely what has been detected in the marble test, in which applying a fairly simple formula could have all been saved and not have ended in a massacre. In the same way, in social networks they have not taken long to join some challenges and even make them viral, such as the cookie test, which turns out to be much more complicated when we go from being spectators to doing it ourselves.

‘The squid game’: This is how everyone could have been saved in the game of marbles

If how the hell to win the squid game has been around your head since you gave the Netflix series a chance, you have to see the wonderful video made by the YouTube channel Cinema Summary, which has invested a great deal of time and effort in analyzing each of the six games that make up the competition in the season 1 of The Squid Game and suggest what would have been the best way to survive each of them.

The main conclusion? May luck be with you. And it is that, in addition to strategy and a certain genius to be able to anticipate certain movements, the luck factor plays a quite important role absolutely in each and every one of the levels.

Take note below of the best way to survive each of the levels suggested by the YouTube channel Cinema Summary:

1. Red light, Green light.

In Spain we know it as “The English hideout” and it is very popular so, without knowing it, the creator chose the ideal test so that many would be completely hooked on this bloody version of the game in our borders. The best way to win? The best strategy is to move safely so as not to fall, stand behind other players to avoid the wrist detecting the movement and try to stay to the sides to be closer to the ends of the game

2. The honey cookie

It is precisely this test that has gone viral on social networks, but from Cinema Summary. The game in question is about scratching a cookie with a small metal tip to create a shape, that of an umbrella in this case, without breaking it. Dexterity is key, but also the ability to think of a strategy, the best being exactly what Gi-hun does. Lick it up and wet it to make sure it doesn’t break and you can remove the excess part.

3. The rope

Another classic. Participants make two teams and pull on the ends of a rope. The objective is to make the opposing team cross the line to win, in this case a cliff. The strategy carried out by the winning team of taking three unexpected steps forward to make the other team fall is good, but from the video they point out that without a doubt the way to win is to bring together the strongest team and more open to doing trap. After all, there is no referee on the platform, so team members can use strategies that help them shoot without being eliminated, such as resting their arms on their legs or having the last player wrap the rope around at the waist to pull with all the strength of your body. Likewise, one of the teams could have stepped aside and used the bars.

4. The marbles

As there are many marble games, in this game the contestants can choose what they want with the same objective: to get hold of the 10 marbles of the other. What do they raise from Cinema Summary? Play a game that your opponent thinks he will win but that you are sure he will not. The best example is a game known as Nim, in which victory can be ensured by following a specific strategy: Always be first and make exactly the opposite move from your opponent.

5. The glass bridge

It is a bit reminiscent of hopscotch, with the difference that here you jump between two glass bridges that can break under your feet at any moment. A good option would be to walk on the metal bars that support the glass quadrants, while another method would be to throw shoes at the quadrants and if they break, jump on the other side.

6. The squid game

Last test and the one in charge of naming the series. The game has been quite popular in South Korea since the 70-80s and consists of drawing on the ground a shape reminiscent of the silhouette of a squid, dividing into two teams (one offensive and one defensive) and competing to gain ground. The attacking team wins if one of its members touches the squid’s head and the defending team will need to push their rivals off the court to achieve victory. As pointed out from Cinema Summary, the fact that your opponent has a knife is key, so the best trick to win is to choose to be the player in defense, since it is difficult for you to enter the gap without being stabbed. The ideal is to stay in the place where your rival has to go and thus have a better chance of taking him out and winning.

If you are done The Squid Game On Netflix, you will already know that Gi-hun is lucky enough to win – although there are theories that point out that he has a closer relationship with Il-nam than is revealed in the series – but in reality the player who acted with more logical and with a better strategy still becoming cruel for his own survival was Cho Sang-woo (Park Hae-soo). Also being on the defensive brings better results, according to the video in question.

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