How was the grandmother infected in ‘The Last of Us’?: A fan theory explains the new way in which the fungus spreads

Cordyceps spreads in the PlayStation video game through spores, which is why the protagonists often have to wear gas masks.

The Last of Us is one of the most acclaimed PlayStation video games. Years later, its second part would achieve records in sales and critics for its gameplay and its history. Something similar happened with the first episode of the HBO Max series starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, praised by critics, video game fans and viewers of the platform. streaming.

But since it is an adaptation, it is normal for there to be significant changes to the game. One of them has been how the cordyceps fungus spreads. In the video game, the fungus spreads through spores, which is why we often see how the protagonists have to put on a gas mask to avoid being infected. On the other hand, there is the spread due to a bite of an infected person in the purest zombie style.

However, this detail has been changed in the series, as explained by its co-creator, Craig Mazin, in an interview with comic book:

Obviously, there are some big things that we know we’ll stick with, but then there are game challenges to the series that need to be considered. For example, little things like spores. In the game, you come across spores and need to put on a gas mask. In the world we’re creating, if we put spores in the air, it would be pretty clear that they would have spread everywhere and everyone would have to wear a mask at all times and everyone would probably be fully infected at this point. So we challenged ourselves to find an interesting new way for the fungus to spread.

And what is this new way of spreading the fungus? In the first episode we see how Sarah’s (Nico Parker) and Joel’s (Pedro Pascal) neighbor grandmother suddenly begins to change due to a cordyceps fungus infection. But we do not see that she has been bitten at any time, although the protagonists attribute it to the fact that she was in the hospital, the same hospital that Joel and her brother have gone to and do not present any symptoms.

With the spores out of the game, fans have tried to figure out what this new way of spreading the fungus is like, since the first episode does not explain it at any time. And we must bear in mind that it is quite possible that it is this way: through the flour.

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When we are introduced to Joel and Sarah’s neighbor’s grandmother, she is being fed some leftover cookies. But when they are offered, none of them accept them. In the afternoon, Sarah visits her neighbor to make some cookies with her, but she only agrees to make them with raisins, so Sarah doesn’t eat any of them. And that’s when we see Grandma begin to turn into the creature that Joel ultimately kills later.

To give more emphasis on the fact that flour is to blame for everythingIn the morning, Sarah blames her father for forgetting to buy the flour for the pancakes. In addition, she is also heard at the beginning of the episode that riots had occurred in Jakarta, where the world’s largest flour producer is located.


Video game newspaper where you can read about crops infected by a fungus

Also, at night Joel forgets to pick up his birthday cake. So they still haven’t eaten any flour. And to put an end to this theory, which may actually be true, at the beginning of the PlayStation video game Sarah comes across a newspaper explaining that hospitals are overflowing with mysteriously infected people. But you can also read that Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Expands List of Crops Contaminated by Mold that began in South America and have spread to Central America and Mexico, in addition to informing citizens of the food they should throw away.

we don’t know if The Last of Us will come to explain at some point how cordyceps spread in the series, but this theory is true that it unites several puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly. Although many fans also joke that the sole survivors of the world The Last of Us They are the celiacs and those who finally dominate the world.

Remember that the second episode premieres on HBO Max on January 23.