HoYoverse Disappoints Genshin Impact Fans on Consoles: Its New Honkai Star Rail Might Never Come to PlayStation, Switch, or Xbox – Genshin Impact

Almost two years after its first announcement, HoYoverse directs he release of Honkai: Star Rail. The new game from the creators of Genshin Impact has already launched its final beta phase, allowing a select group of players to enjoy the new adventure in advance. The final release date has not yet been specified, although the company assures that it will become official very soon. Additionally, pre-registration is now available on all three platforms the game will launch on. This is where the negative part comes in, since the company seems to dismiss the consoles for this premiere.

HoYoverse Forgets Consoles for Honkai: Star Rail

Both in HoYoverse press releases and on the game’s official website only the availability of Honkai: Star Rail on Android, iOS and PC is mentioned. Bad news for all the players who have enjoyed Genshin Impact on PS4, PS5 or who were waiting for the future release of the Traveler’s adventure on Nintendo Switch. Everything is said, from the developer they have not officially ruled out the launch of the video game on new or previous generation consoles. What does seem evident is that there is no intention to carry out a simultaneous launch.

The last time the Honkai: Star Rail developers weighed in on the issue, they promised to clear up any doubts in the future. However, several months have passed since then without announcing a final resolution. Of course, yes, it does not invite optimism that with the previous registration already started there is not a trace of a page in any of the stores. One might hope that there was no Nintendo Switch, due to the complex situation of the port of Genshin Impact, or that Xbox was missing, which no longer had the great world of Teyvat. However, the possible absence of PlayStation draws attention.

Honkai Star Rail Shifts

As it is a turn-based combat system, the technical problems would not be as pronounced as in Genshin Impact.

Everything is said, perhaps the game optimization problems on PlayStation 4 They have thrown the company back. The game is not up to par in terms of technical quality on this system, which could have conditioned the decision of the developers. However, the adaptation of Honkai: Star Railwith smaller stages and turn-based combatIt seemed a bit simpler than the previous great game from the developer.

We have contacted HoYoverse to request an official clarification and are awaiting a response.