Hrithik Roshan donates 20 lakh rupees to CINTAA, members will get the vaccine, read full news

Hrithik Roshan donates 20 lakh rupees to CINTAA, members will get the vaccine, read the full news

Hrithik Roshan has once again come forward to help the people amid the corona pandemic. He has donated Rs 20 lakh to CINTAA. This amount given by Hrithik Roshan will be used for vaccination and distribution of ration. Hrithik Roshan donates Rs. have given this money to

Amit Behl, general secretary of CINTAA, said, ‘Hrithik Roshan helped us in the last lockdown as well. He gave 25 lakh rupees last time. This time he has donated 20 lakh. Through this, we will get our 5000 members vaccinated. We will also arrange ration for the members below the poverty line with the same amount.

Apart from Hrithik Roshan, Vicky Kaushal has donated 2.5 lakh rupees to Sinta. Flora Saini has given 25 thousand rupees. Apart from this, many Bollywood actors have given small help. Everyone will benefit from Hrithik Roshan’s huge amount. Amit Behl said, ‘We have given ration to 1400 members from our own pockets by CINTAA and transferred 3 thousand rupees to the accounts of two thousand members.

60% of CINTA’s members are daily wage laborers. Those who are troubled due to the rules of the Maharashtra government. Many people are also forced to do other things. Akshay Kumar also helped the dancers recently. Akshay Kumar has raised the cost of ration of 3600 dancers along with Ganesh Acharya.

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