Huge scandal in Koh-Lanta! Teheiura excluded for cheating: what really happened

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Twist in “Koh-Lanta, the legend” Tuesday evening. An adventurer was excluded for cheating for the first time in the history of the game. Teheiura, emblematic candidate of “Koh-Lanta” did not respect the rules.

Teheiura is the iconic candidate of “Koh-Lanta”. Five participations, seventeen individual victories, a candidate admired by all. So what was the amazement of viewers on Tuesday night on TF1, when Denis Brogniart summoned Teheiura. The host told him that the production had discovered that he had cheated. Twice he received food from local fishermen. However, “Koh-Lanta”, which is a game of survival, strictly forbids it.

All sheepishly, Teheiura, the Polynesian candidate who lives near Béziers, confessed his fault to the host: “I do not understand how I was able to cross this line (…) The temptation was too strong (.. .) I had a moment of weakness (…) I’m not even looking for an excuse, I failed “. Denis Brogniart then lectured Teheiura: “It is unfair behavior which constitutes a breach of ethics and the rules of Koh-Lanta”. Immediate sanction: Teheiura was unable to compete in the arena, on the island of the banished, to be able to hope to return to the game in the orienteering event. He was directed to the residence of the final jury.

“Torn by hunger”

As soon as the footage was broadcast, Teheiura posted an open letter on social media to explain. He says that on several occasions, humorously or more seriously, adventurers asked him to go and ask Polynesians for food. He writes that he has always refused. One morning, he saw a fisherman not far from the island, to whom he gestured. “Torn by hunger, I could not resist, the temptation was too strong”, writes Teheiura. The person has come to drop some food on the island that Teheiura has shared with other adventurers. The same evening, food was again placed.

Good evening. As you have seen, I was not able to continue the adventure. I have thought about how to write to you for a long time. I will try to do it with my words, as sincerely as possible. #KohLanta

– Official Teheiura (@TeheiuraTEAHUI) November 9, 2021

Teheiura claims in her letter that no member of her family brought her food. He says he could see his parents’ house in the distance on another island during the ordeals. A particular context for the Polynesian: “I never really managed to feel myself in the game”.

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Other adventurers involved?

In an interview with Parisian, Teheiura indicates that the food was “certainly leftover meals”. The newspaper mentions vegetables, a steak / fries and an underripe papaya, which the adventurer confirms. Could this food have benefited Teheiura in the trials? “Physically, I don’t think so, because there was no test just after. But instantly, when we eat, psychologically, we are well,” he replied to our colleagues.

Another confirmation from the Polynesian: he did share food with other adventurers. But he refuses to name them. He is also a candidate, according to TV 7 days, who saw Teheiura hiding food, which alerted the production of the game. The television magazine writes that two adventurers took advantage of this extra food, without naming which ones. The Parisian understands that these adventurers would be Claude and Sam. The production of “Koh-Lanta” has not confirmed. So should we expect other sanctions soon? Or to a settling of scores between candidates on the evening of the final live?

At the end of the game in the arena on the island of the banished, Christelle was faster than Alexandra to line up four giant dice for which four different figures had to appear on the same ridge. Alexandra was therefore eliminated. The next episode of “Koh-Lanta, the legend” will be broadcast in two weeks because there is a football match between Finland and France in a week.