Hyrule’s Fastest Hero: Beat Zelda: Breath of the Wild 50 times in a single day – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The world of speedruns will never cease to amaze us. Zelda: Breath of the Wild It caught the attention of many people because it is a game that, although it invites you to complete several dungeons before entering the last area, gives you the option of go straight for the final boss at any time during the adventure. In this way, speedrunners have taken advantage of this invitation to perform really fast ‘runs’ in which Link faces Ganondorf without seeing how Hyrule has changed during the time he has been absent.

One of the most fleeting games in this game corresponds to the streamer Player 5, who in September managed to beat the game in just 25 minutes and 23 seconds breaking the world record. However, the user has now decided to take his abilities further with a new proposal: play Zelda: Breath of the Wild as many times as possible in a single day. And, as you can see in his twitch channelwhere he has recorded the run for just under 24 hours, it seems that he has been able to finish the adventure a total of 50 times.

As you can imagine, this achievement falls under the “Any%” subgroup, which means that speedrunners don’t worry about unlocking parts of the game before reaching the end of the game. Therefore, Player 5 has only focused on getting Link to Ganondorf as quickly as possible, something that it achieves with games that have an average duration of 25 minutes approximately.

Other awesome speedruns

The Legend of Zelda franchise has captured the attention of many speedrunners over the years, although perhaps one of the most recent (and incredible) achievements belongs to the user who He managed to pass all Zelda in 3D at 100% in 56 hours. Of course, the video game industry is no stranger to speedrunner milestones in various titles, which is why DOOM Eternal devs were impressed with a player finishing installment in 27 minutesbut it is also worth noting that there are people who take this practice to levels never seen before with crazy ideas, as we saw with a game of Super Mario Odyssey that added another game’s interface every five minutes.