“I am disgusted to the point of nausea”: Anne Hidalgo currying Eric Zemmour

the essential
Invited on France 2 this Wednesday, the PS presidential candidate Anne Hidalgo said she was “disgusted to nausea” by the rise of polemicist Eric Zemmour.

Guest on France 2 this Wednesday, October 6, Anne Hidalgo did not mince words about Eric Zemmour. “I am absolutely disgusted to the point of nausea at the rise of a character in French political life, everyone acts as if it was natural, normal for someone to come on all the channels to explain that Marshal Pétain was the friend of the Jews during the war, to carry out revisionism without that posing any problem “, declared the mayor of Paris.

“What do you say to the French ready to vote Zemmour?”, Then asked the journalist Caroline Roux. “I tell them that they have to recover a little, France is a very large country, and we cannot turn our backs on our history and our values.” The politician also criticized the polemicist for having “no solution”, and for doing only “the show, the excess”.