“I am many things apart from flamenco”: Blanca Paloma’s “zasca” to Pablo Motos’ comment in ‘El Hormiguero’

The Spanish representative in Eurovision visited the Antena 3 program to talk about her song ‘EaEa’.


After the visit of Carlos Alsina, the anthill received Blanca Paloma this Tuesday, February 14. The Spanish representative to Eurovision 2023 was the first time that she attended a program outside of TVE and she did not disappoint the viewers, who surrendered to the new version of her ‘EaEa’. Of course, the program presented by Paul Motorcycles received a barrage of criticism for the duration of the interview and several uncomfortable questions to the guest.

As soon as the interview began, Motos confessed that he has “much respect for flamenco people and for people who sing and dance well flamenco”. “You have said many flamencos in a moment,” replied Blanca Paloma. “Because you are flamenco, right?“, questioned the presenter who did not expect the cut of the guest. “I am many things apart from flamenco,” the singer confessed.

This theme is very folkloric and has electronic music

The presenter wanted to ask about where the title of his song came from. “‘EaEa’ can be for rocking or for making a fuss. It comes a lot from folklore and those lullabies. And we’ve taken it to this place, we could say new flamenco. But flamenco is a very forceful term for which I have a lot of respect“, explained Blanca Paloma and acknowledged that she prefers” to say that it is a subject like Blanca Paloma and José Pablo Polo.

Motos also compared the style of the guest with flamenco. “I’m sorry for the flamingos, let them be angry with me, not with her, but what you do would have to do with the new flamenco and what Rosalia does. I don’t know what to call it”, insisted the presenter and asked if the Catalan’s success would help to understand her performance outside of Spain. “The work that Rosalía does, like so many other artists who have brought flamenco to the international scene and that makes the world and Europe have the ear made and can be well received this EaEa“The guest replied.

Pablo Motos, tired of receiving “hosts from one side and the other”

Rain of criticism to ‘El Hormiguero’

Viewers charged on social media against the show for the duration of the interview. “In the first 5 minutes he has placed ads twice. The interview lasted 5 minutes with bullshit questions.to each question he left seconds to answer because it already cut him off with another 5 fucking minutes of interview,” wrote a user on Twitter.

“Has that been the entire interview?” Acknowledged another user on the well-known social network. And that is, the presenter dismissed the guest earlier than usual to do the section “Cross the line” and talk about love. Also, if we add the science section and the Trancas y Barrancas section, the interview itself fell short for the audience. “We want Eurovision”, cheered some viewers.

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