“I dyed my hair black and cut it with a razor”: Margot Robbie reveals her emo past and leaves Cate Blanchett freaking out

The protagonist of Babylon left all those attending the British Late Night ‘The Graham Norton Show’ with their mouths open.


Some facets of Hollywood actors and actresses seem to be kept under lock and key, but one day, they suddenly come out and become a revelation to the public. This is what happened with Margot Robbie in the british late night The Graham Norton Show.

The presenter was visited on the program that day by actress Cate Blanchett, currently nominated for the Oscars as Best actress for her role in tarand Margot Robbie, who a few weeks ago premiered Babylonthe new Damien Chazelle.

When Blanchett asks the actress if she was very gothic, the Babylon star responds as follows: “It was very gothic, although very emo. I only listened to heavy music and I dyed my hair black cut only by a razor“.

Faced with this statement, Blanchett did not believe and doubted Robbie’s words: “Was it something that you really liked (heavy metal music)?” The actress replied that it was something that she really liked and that she still likes it even now, to Blanchett’s surprise, that I couldn’t stop asking her why and how he came to like heavy metal music.

In the midst of this fascinating revelation, Robbie tells an anecdote that happened to him when he went to the Slipknot concert. “I have never been approached by so many people as at a Slipknot concert.“, assured the interpreter. It seems that the ‘crossover’ between Neighbors and Slipknot was what brought together the fans of the series in which the actress appeared at that time as a heavy metal band.