I had planned to continue on Netflix despite the latest changes and now the story is different

For more than five years I have shared Netflix with my siblings and parents. I pay, or did pay, less than five euros a month to be able to watch movies and series with which I, contrary to many other critics, have never had a big problem about their quality. In general terms, I have seen great Netflix production successes and yes, also a lot of rubbish, but nothing to make me quit.

All this began to change as a result of the announcement we all know. Netflix does not want my sister, who lives in Madrid, to share her subscription with me and my parents who live in Córdoba, or with my brother who lives in Badajoz. I have no opportunity for scams to connect the skewer of Xiaomi Mi Stick to the Wi-Fi network of the main location or any other such trick. I’m one of those 100 million Netflix users who seems to annoy them.

I consider myself one of the 100 million users who seem to overrun Netflix

But there is a problem. I consume a lot of content on television. After a hard day of work glued to the computer screen, and taking a walk to clear my head on the street, I love to lie on the sofa, open Netflix and watch a movie or a series. I use the platform more than HBO Max or Disney+ because there is a wide variety of content that I can’t find on other platforms. For example I love crime thrillers where Netflix has an advantage over other rivalsand I also consume national products, with comedies like Alpha Males where, I confess, I laughed more than I expected.

The arrival of SkyShowtime is a nail in Netflix’s coffin for me: I don’t need them anymore

Am I going to continue on Netflix then? Am I going to continue paying 12.99 euros for the Standard plan? I was determined to do it. To give up 4K and save a few euros in order to continue consuming hours and hours of content every week. But Netflix has a problem that it did not have recently: SkyShowtime is here, and it comes with a very aggressive launch promo.

SkyShowtime will be marketed in Spain at a price of 2.99 euros per month for those who join the platform on February 28. The rate outside of the subscription promo is 5.99 euros, the same as inviting a friend to use Netflix in the Standard or Premium plan, but Paramount and Comcast have seen fit to repeat the HBO Max play at the end of 2021 and invite all interested parties to become members of your service paying, forever, half.


Yellowstone is one of the biggest television hits in the United States.

Currently, I pay approximately 4.99 euros for HBO Max, and I enjoy a Disney+ account that a friend lends me to watch each Star Wars premiere, a similar case with Prime Video. With the 2.99 euros that SkyShowtime will cost me my TV subscription cost will remain at 7.99 euros, the same as the Netflix Basic planand having the option to share my account if I wish.

SkyShowtime is more than just its price: quality content for kids and franchises

When a platform is launched with such a low price, there is fear that it will only be to watch a few series a month, insufficient to keep me paying every month, no matter how low the rate may be. But first of all I can assure you that SkyShowtime has many arguments to stay. Of course everything will depend on your tastes, but due to lack of proposals it will not be.

SkyShowtime arrives with the promise of being the home in Spain of Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, DreamWorks Animation, Paramount+, ShowTime, Sky Studios and Peacock; that is, the place where you can seeView archive movies and series, and new releases, from two of the largest media companies in the United States, Paramount Global and NBCUniversal.

From 'Yellowstone' to 'Halo': the 13 best series that SkyShowtime will premiere in Spain on the day of its launch

We are talking about the owners of the rights to sagas so loved by those of us who also consider ourselves gamers such as Fast & Furious, Ninja Turtles, Mission Impossible, Jurassic Park, Star Trek or Transformers, but also series that come with the quality seal of Showtime, one of the oldest American pay television channels, USA TV and a long etcetera. All without forgetting Nickelodeon, for those looking for content for the little ones in each house, and the series that Paramount+ has been producing for several years and that have already demonstrated their success in other markets.

Jurassic Park

SkyShowtime will be home to great sagas like Jurassic Park.

It is normal if we think of Paramount+ to be left alone with its determined commitment to science fiction with Star Trek expanded in 2022 with Halothat despite their criticism, the truth is that brought huge viewership figures to the platformbut in recent years he has been able to create a universe for western fans around yellowstone, starring Kevin Costner. A jewel for those looking for this type of product, of which I have already seen its first two seasons, discovering its value to engage the viewer.

The SkyShowtime Doubts: Compatible Devices, Lack of 4K

Obviously I have some concerns with SkyShowtime. The most obvious is its landing without 4K. Series like Halo, or some Star Trek, are visually powerful enough to settle for Full HD. I also have doubts about its lack of compatibility with certain devices. But all these are elements that can be corrected over time.

The absence of 4K annoys me, but I am confident that it will eventually arrive, and without the need to make distinctions between users like Netflix

Definitely. Now I do get the accounts without Netflix. I do have guarantees of being able to watch a wide variety of series, which everyone is talking about, every week without having to go through the box and endorse some Netflix decisions with which I couldn’t agree more. According to a survey, more than half of those who share Netflix will unsubscribe with this measure. It probably won’t be that many, but With alternatives like SkyShowtime, together with the payment of other platforms, I see a very black future for Netfix and its plan in Spain.

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