I had two mouse buttons left over. Now I take advantage of them by binding keys with this tool and I am more productive

Beyond the left, right and middle click, your mouse is also another of the great weapons to increase your productivity. And it is that although keyboard shortcuts and macros are usually the most useful methods to waste less time with our tasks in front of the computer, the mouse also allows us to streamline processes through these types of pathways.

In addition to the typical mouse buttons that we have mentioned, there are also we can find mice on the market that have additional buttons, either on the side or on the body itself. Those who love video games will know this very well, since gaming mice are the ones that usually have more additional buttons. And if you are one of those who have these types of buttons but you do not take advantage of them, the tool we are talking about in this article may end up convincing you to use them. And it is that under these lines we teach you what it is for and how to use Mouse Manager.

If you have extra buttons, this tool helps you make the most of them

Mouse Manager is a simple tool that allows us to add keyboard keys to the side buttons of the mouse. This way, you can add useful keyboard shortcuts to these buttons to always have them at hand. The truth is that I have been using it in my day-to-day life for some time and it has allowed me to streamline a large part of my processes when writing or completing a document.

the tool so only works with mouse buttons 4 and 5, which is what the system usually calls the side mouse buttons. It weighs less than 1 MB and is designed to be minimized in the PC toolbar.

Mouse Manager 1

The most logical thing is that if you have a gaming mouse or multiple additional buttons, the manufacturer itself includes software to configure the behavior of the mouse. However, in case you don’t have dedicated software, or you just want to download a much lighter tool for your computer, you can always try Mouse Manager. The only requirement is to have an additional button to link a shortcut or a key.

Mouse Manager 2

Its operation is tremendously simple. All you have to do is download the tool from its official website and follow the installation steps. After the installation is complete, the program allows you to directly run the tool and even automatically remove the installer.

Mouse Manager 3

Mouse Manager has two main tabs; one to enable the feature and have it run at system startup, and one to configure the behavior of the mouse buttons.

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In the tab ‘profiles‘ We have the option to modify the buttons 4 and 5 of the mouse. To do this, you just have to select the option ‘add‘ and start typing the keys or keyboard shortcut for each button. Once you have it, click on ‘Save’ and while the tool is enabled, when you press the mouse buttons the configured actions will be executed.

For example, you can add the copy, cut or paste shortcut to these buttons to always have this function at hand, or even add data that you know you will always have to use, such as your email, among many other things.

Its developer, RealityRipple Software, also has a full version of the tool: Advanced Mouse Manager. The highlight of it is that this version allows configuring profiles based on applications. In addition, it also has translation into other languages, including Spanish. This version offers a 30-day trial and to purchase the full version you will have to activate it for a price of $4.99.

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