I have always wondered where the phrases of the presentations of ‘The island of temptations’ come from and this is the answer

A temptress reveals how and who chose the iconic lines they say at the beginning of the show.


The biggest secret of the island of temptations comes to light Viewers already know some of the trivia about the hit show, like how dating or parties work. However, there is something that the audience misses and that always arouses great enthusiasm. We talk about the iconic phrases of the tempting and tempting that they say in their presentations. How are they created? Who chooses them?

Who has not wondered where they get those curious phrases from? Some presentations that always give rise to many ‘memes’ and make the audience enjoy the surreal occurrences. Now there is an answer, since a single woman has revealed this great unknown for the spectators and the truth is what many of us expected.

Carolina de Moura, temptress of The Island of Temptations 4, has told that the phrases that the ‘suitors’ pronounce in that iconic staging they are not their own. The single woman has recognized that they are scripted and has revealed that she did not feel comfortable with her phrase.

The boys of ‘The island of temptations 6’ totally baffled by what the program could be hiding from them

“When you do the casting they ask you a lot of questions, like who do you think you look like, or who they usually compare you to… and you answer. When you arrive on the island they tell you: this is your sentence“, explained Carolina in wow pod. An online program that has published this curiosity on his TikTok account.

I almost cry

“I swear to be there with my companions and think ‘how am I going to say this?'”, the temptress has admitted. “Do you remember a classmate who had a super ridiculous sentence?” Asked the presenters of the program. “Yes: ‘I am a mix between I don’t know who and I don’t know how many and I have come to steal your man.’ :’my god i don’t know what i’m doing here‘”, recalled Carolina, referring to the presentation of Sabela, who starred in the first trio of the program.

In addition, the solera has remembered what her phrase was. “I consider myself a family person, elegant and ambitious. Who is willing to meet me?” Carolina confessed. A quite “normal” phrase for which viewers are used to.

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