“I have rarely seen a series so fast”: this new production on Netflix leaves no one indifferent

Love story and science fiction go hand in hand in ‘The Girl and the Cosmonaut’, a Polish series.

A cosmonaut returns after missing 30 years to rekindle a lost love. He hasn’t aged one bit, so he piques the curiosity of an entire organization. This is the premise of The girl and the cosmonaut, a newcomer series Netflix that is not leaving anyone indifferent. Polish fiction was released on February 17 and has generated all kinds of reactions, both for better and for worse.

It is impossible to see everything that comes out daily on Netflix, but in the tops we always find some jewel. This is the case of this Polish production, which has caused a stir very quickly and is already in the Top 10 in many countries, including Spain. she has got it with hardly any promotion on the platform, only based on pique curiosity and word of mouth.

The creator Agata Malesinska seems to have hit the nail on the head by mixing romantic comedy with science fiction. The action takes place in two periods (2022 and 2052) that are intertwined. The past informs the present and vice versa. A feature that helps to energize the action and maintain the interest of the viewer.

In the future that the series imagines, the walls are screens, artificial intelligences become our confidants and drones replace our work machines. Yes ok It is true that it is not a revolution of the genre on this side, the set is attracting attention. But here comes the twist: it’s not for everyone and, while some have been fascinated, others have fled in fear.

There are some who say it’s being mean and, furthermore, they don’t play nice. Like this user who leaves no doubt about his recommendation: “If you want to watch a really bad bad series on Netflix, watch all six episodes of The girl and the cosmonaut. Or this one who prefers, directly, stick a knife in the eye.

But, as they say, there are colors for tastes and the series is quite an addiction for a good part of the Netflix audience. “I loved this fantastic and romantic series. I have rarely seen a series so fast, I can’t wait for season 2”says a user of our sister website Allocinelike this one: “If you’re looking for a fast-paced romance series laced with suspense, you’ve come to the right place. The special effects are very well done and the visuals are gorgeous.”

In Spain, we also collect some opinions on Twitter. Although there are also messages that define it as “bodrio”, others recommend it.

Be careful, there are those who dare to define it as “the top gun polish and futuristic”. We leave it there for you to draw your own conclusions. Its 6 episodes make it a more than accessible series for all those who don’t know what to watch this weekend.