“I have sometimes gone too far and show excesses”: Dieudonné “ask forgiveness” from the Jewish community and prepares for his retirement in Cameroon

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Dieudonné condemned for his numerous anti-Semitic remarks and his racist insults wanted to apologize to all the people he may have hurt, including the Jewish community which he has frequently targeted.

French comedian Dieudonné Mbala Mbala apologized to those he hurt, especially his “compatriots in the Jewish community”, on January 10 in the French-Israeli newspaper Israel Magazine. Dieudonné, condemned several times for defamation, racist insults or even apology of terrorism, had for example brought up on stage the negationist Robert Faurisson during his shows.

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The Franco-Israeli monthly newspaper explains that after considering a meeting with the French comedian and Francis Lalanne, it was decided “that the comedian write what he had to say to those he had mistreated so much, the Jews, and from whom he wanted to ask forgiveness”. An open letter ensued entitled “I ask forgiveness. Dieudonné”.

“No Excuses, No Extenuating Circumstances”

“It’s true, I have sometimes gone too far and show excesses, inappropriate provocations. For all these faults and excesses, I ask forgiveness”, recognizes in this text the controversial humorist. Dieudonné confirmed to our colleagues at Parisian that it is indeed his own text.

“I would also like to ask forgiveness from all those whom I may have offended, shocked, hurt through some of my artistic gestures”, can we read in the open letter. I am thinking in particular of my compatriots in the Jewish community, with whom I humbly admit having indulged in the game of one-upmanship.

Dieudonné explains that he is not looking for “any excuse, no extenuating circumstance because no one has one when he can see that he has harmed his neighbor”.

André Darmon, the editor of the magazine, judges the text “sincere”: “Time will tell if Dieudonné was sincere”, he also underlines.

The comedian also takes the opportunity to specify the end of his career: “My age, my health invite me today to prepare my retirement in Cameroon, on the land of my ancestors”. Dieudonné “aspires to leave the stage in peace: in peace with myself, in peace with others, in mutual and sincere respect”.