“I like to mark territory”: Antonio Pagudo reveals in ‘El Hormiguero’ his “ritual” when arriving at a hotel room

The actor visited the Antena 3 program to present ‘Under therapy’, a film that opens in theaters on March 17.

the anthill began its broadcast on Antena 3 for one more week. Antonio Pagudo was the guest of this Monday, March 13, and he did not leave anyone indifferent with his statements. The one who was an actor The one that is coming visited the Pablo Motos program to present his new film, under therapy, which hits theaters on March 17. Pagudo spoke about the film, about various curiosities of your marriage and about the strange “ritual” that he has as soon as he arrives at a hotel.

“Three couples come to a special therapy in which the therapist has left us some envelopes that indicate what we have to do,” Pagudo explained when talking about the film. Based on the synopsis of under therapyMotos revealed that the wife of the successful actor works in the anthill. A fact that the team took advantage of to find out the intimacies of the marriage. “I wouldn’t want to be in that chair right now,” he launched as a warning, introducing the guest.

Motos revealed that when the couple goes to a restaurant they play ‘If I had to choose’, which consists of confessing who they would have sex with among those who are there. “It keeps us a little playful, active, fresh… When we started dating we released jealousy like this, based on sharing the things we thought. I think communication in that sense is also basic in a relationship,” explained the successful Spanish actor.

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In addition, Pagudo confessed to the postmortem pact that he and his wife have reached. “If one of the two dies, the other already has a couple arranged in some way. It’s like a wish, it’s not a specific person, but it is a line of what kind of person you would like it to be,” acknowledged the guest of the successful Atresmedia format. “It has to be exclusively if one of the two dies. Until then, nothing”, settled the actor.

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His “ritual” when arriving at a hotel

The presenter and Paguado also had time to talk about a curiosity about the actor. Motos asked the well-known actor if he has any ritual as soon as he arrives at the hotel room, and the guest’s response has not left anyone indifferent. In fact, the interpreter has a custom that surely many viewers felt identified with.

“I like to mark the territory. I arrive, I unpack the suitcase and immediately the body asks me to try the toilet. It’s something I can not avoid. ‘Eviction’ and from that moment that room is mine. I feel at home”, settled the actor to end the interview.

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