I return to Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot to test its next gen version and the new DLC starring Bardock – Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Being dragonball a saga so exploited in the territory of the video game, to say that CyberConnect2 managed to create one of the best titles in the franchise It is not saying little given the great competition that there is, but it is the reality: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot captured like few others what is expected from the story of the mythical manga from Shonen Jump magazine. Kakarot’s success was hugeSo much so that its creators will continue to release content with a second season pass which will tell four new stories. It seemed obvious what the first content should be: the adventures of Son Goku’s father, Bardockin his fateful battle against Frieza in Bardock: Alone Against Fate.

Bardock’s Chapter It’s iconic on every level for any Dragon Ball fan. And yet, it is curious that, in reality, the participation of its original author, Akira Toriyama, is almost testimonial in the legendary 1990 television special episode. All kinds of content has been written about Bardock years after the mythical special. In 2022, in fact, it has been an important part of the most recent Dragon Ball Super saga published in Japan, that of Granola, and its origin was rewritten by Toriyama himself and Toyotaro, his current right-hand man, presenting us with a very different character from the one we met on television more than 30 years ago.

Better written? Worse? Here everyone has their opinion, but we won’t be wrong if we say that Kakarot’s character and family is completely different from what we were told at the time. Therefore, when it was confirmed that Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot would face Bardock’s storyI found it inevitable to ask myself the obvious question, what Bardock? It is curious that CyberConnect 2 preferred to face Toei Animation’s Bardock first than that of Akira Toriyama for the new DLC, something that makes the writer deeply happy. It’s enough? Is the new content up to the task?

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visions of the future

As already happened with the previous DLC inspired by the television special of They are Gohan and Trunks from the future against the Androids of Doctor Gero, the new content removes Son Goku as the main protagonist for put us in the shoes of his father and take us to his planet of origin: Planet Vegeta. Something that could be attractive to any fan of the series, but the reality is that there is not much to say: just a few secrets on its arid surface and a space shuttle with a bar for Saiyans and not much else. The main attraction? Some extra scenes and missions that make interesting nods to characters that didn’t appear or didn’t have as much prominence in the original work and that Dragon Ball fans will appreciate.

Bardock’s chapter expands the original game by about five or six hours and presents surprises and challenges never seen before

To highlight and without spoilers, what has been seen in the trailers: scenes with a young prince Vegeta and Nappa, but also the possibility of getting to know Bardock’s troop a little more. As has been done for the past 30 years, CyberConnect2 can’t resist rewriting the characterand they try to sell us a Bardock with an extraordinary power that he never had, but it is not something that should worry excessively to those who fall into the networks of the new DLC: Bardock’s chapter expands the original game by about five or six hours and poses never-before-seen surprises and challenges for Son Goku fans.

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The other great addition that has been released with the second season of DLC is the arrival of the next-gen version of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, although at the last minute the Xbox Series version has been delayed, leaving only the PS5 version available for now. Indeed, improves the scenarios and the fluidity of the game, but it’s hard to do anything truly noticeable in a game rooted in visuals so ingrained in the last generation of consoles. It is appreciated as an extra for those who have been able to make the leap to the new Sony and Microsoft consoles, but the change is not as noticeable as we would undoubtedly have liked. For example, better lighting effects could have been worked on for wave combat, but this has not been the case. It looks better, yes, but we would have liked something more ambitious.

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The future of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

With the launch trailer From Bardock’s content, what will be the next Kakarot story has already been revealed: the arc of the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. A priori, it seems like a great idea, since it is one of the most epic tournaments in all of manga and it is an arc loved by fans, but it worries me to think that Kakarot, playable, is not compatible with the style of battles that was breathed in Dragon Ball before Z. Hopefully CyberConnect2 thinks the same and surprises us with a mechanical change that adapts the software to the most classic Dragon Ball combats: more melee and fewer ultra-powerful energy attacks.

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What may come in the next two episodes is a mystery.. The story of Dragon Ball: Z Kakarot in the previous season pass was expanded until the movie The Return of F, so the logical step would be to pick up the glove and continue the events experienced in Dragon Ball Super, that is, the multidimensional tournament arc, Dragon Ball Super: Broly and the most recent Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. My bet goes for the tournament bow and Broly. Although the multidimensional tournament is difficult to imagine playable in an optimal way, seeing Son Goku capturing the different members that will make up the universe 7 team could make for a fun adventure. The Broly thing is simple: it’s Broly and Gogeta comes out; everyone likes Broly and Gogeta.

The future of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is, to say the least, interesting. The next-gen patch may have been somewhat humbler than expected, but it is no less true that the decision of its developers to make the leap to PS5 and Xbox Series augurs that we will have more adventures of Son Goku and his friends. for longer.