“I think the criticism was anticipated”: Miren Ibarguren reacts to the controversy of her character in the last season of ‘La que se avecina’

Viewers accused the successful series of promoting “fatphobia” for introducing obesity into the plot of the actress’s character.

season 13 of The one that is coming premiered last November on Prime Video. The changes in the long-lived Spanish fiction were evident: a new building, new plots, new characters and very notable absences. Miren Ibarguren was one of the actresses who has continued in the cast of the successful series despite being pregnant at the time of filming. However, an aspect of Yoli Morcillo’s plot blew up social networks.

The creators of the fiction, Laura and Alberto Caballero, chose to include in the plot the character of Ibarguren who will gain weight from depression, I would not want to leave his house and eat secretly from Menchu. In this way, Ibarguren was given a prosthesis. A fact that shocked many viewers.

Social networks were filled with criticism of the series for promoting “fatphobia” and betting on stereotypes about people who do not have regulatory bodies that are very dangerous for society. Furthermore, others questioned the fatsuit techniquethat is, a costume to get Miren to play an obese Yoli.

Ibarguren was asked about this controversy in an interview with Cinemania, and the actress has answered very forcefully. “I understand that people are bothered by certain things in fiction, and they are within their rights to complain. In fact, you always learn something from all the complaints“, begins the actress of America’s Sweetheart to the aforementioned medium that acknowledges that they have never wanted to harm anyone.

The intention of the series has never been to hurt anyone

“Simply, you work on the characters and give them life by giving them actions and moments so that you can follow the plot,” explains Ibarguren. “I think the critics came early, because in the case of Yoli’s character, the plot has a positive ending, since she accepts her body as it isand she goes to live with her best friend, happy”, continues the actress.

In addition, the interpreter points out that she does not know “if these criticisms have to do with the fact that it was done in a comedy tone.” “I do not know if The Whalewhere Brendan Fraser also uses prostheses, would receive the same criticism,” Iberguren says.

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