“I was blown away when I used PS VR2!”; Oculus founder thinks PlayStation’s new VR is pointing ways – PlayStation 5

One of the great launches that PlayStation is preparing for this 2023 is PSVR2its new virtual reality device that will be available on the market from next February 22. With a list of improvements Featuring 4K HDR displays (2000 x 2040 video format per eye), haptic triggers, gaze tracking, and 3D audio, it’s only natural for fans of VR experiences to be curious about what the platform feels like.

Taking into account that there is just over a month left until its launch, there are professionals in the sector who have already had the opportunity to test the PlayStation virtual reality glasses in advance. Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus VR and designer of the Oculus Rift, is one of the people chosen for this first contact. And, as we see in a Twitter comment responding to a post by Shuhei Yoshida, head of indie games at Sony, it seems that her experience could not have been more positive.

“I was blown away when I used PS VR2 recently! Arguably the first PS VR was the biggest hit of the generation, this version will make it even better”. In this way, players who enjoy deliveries in virtual reality can expect a new leap in terms of immersion in this kind of adventure.

PlayStation has full confidence in PS VR2

Although VR experiences have not yet penetrated deeply into the gaming community, from PlayStation they have no doubt that their PS VR2 will achieve a high sales figure. In fact, his confidence in the device is such that he has not hesitated to use it to expand the universe of horizon series with the title Horizon: Call of the Mountainwhich will be available with the launch of the platform together with more than 30 games.

However, from the Japanese company they are clear that the success of their virtual reality glasses will not fall solely on recognizable franchise games, since they consider that “the indies will be the ones who will take big risks in PS VR2”.