“I was terrified of playing a homophobic racist”: Mariano Peña confesses that he felt when he read the scripts for ‘Aída’

The actor played the legendary Mauricio Colmenero in the successful Telecinco series.

There are characters that mark the life of the spectators, and of the actors themselves. One of them was the charismatic Mauricio Colmenero, the innkeeper of aida. The actor to interpret this characteristic character was Mariano Penawho has always felt very proud and fondly remember the role that brought him fame.

“I I owe a lot to Mauricio and he to me“, confesses Peña in an interview with socialite. In fact, the actor admits that Mauricio Colmenero’s characteristic dance occurred to him during the recording of one of the scenes. An improvisation that the director liked so much that he decided to introduce it as one of the characteristics of the well-known character.

Another characteristic of the character was his personality: racist, homophobic and macho. A fact that at first was not very clear as he was going to be fit into society. “When I read the scripts sometimes I panicked”Pena declares. And it is that the actor thought “this is outrageous and how do I say this”, since he is a very different person. Even so, he knew how to do it in the best possible way and this is demonstrated by the fact that he has become one of the most remembered characters on Spanish television.

It was a before and after in my career, even today, after so long, people still call me Mauricio on the street.

8 years ago it came to an end aida and, even so, Peña admits that he continues to call him Mauricio on the street. In addition, the actor affirms that the character gave him a stability that is appreciated. “Having a fixed character day by day gives you a relax“, declares Peña when comparing it with the theater, which is what he has been doing lately.

Peña has also participated in other series, such as Down there. However, the actor confesses that, just as this character made him famous, he also feels that he has lost many job offers for pigeonholing him. “I think I don’t have any more television demand because they pigeonhole me in Mauritius“says the actor.

I would have liked that Aida not said goodbye“, admits Peña. And it is that the actor believes that the successful series is a series that is still current. In addition, he affirms that fiction “was more than a job and we were all like a family.” “The treatment is not the same , but we continue to have contact”, says the beloved actor.

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