I was terrified to start playing, but now I think it’s the roundest game from Riot Games: I’ve returned to TFT almost four years later – Master Tactics

In just a few weeks, Teamfight Tactics will receive the great update of its eighth version. Set 8.5 comes to the video game to give a second life to The Attack of the Monsters. New champions, synergies, augments, and much more to give players a reason to continue enjoying Riot Games’ autobattler. Independent video game closely related to League of Legends that to this day continues to be the company’s great miracle. Developed in just 18 weeks and while we can only go by the impact, it’s still the third biggest title the company has built.

The panic to approach TFT

Although I enjoyed it in the early days, my relationship with TFT has always been somewhat problematic. I totally gave it up from then until Set 8 started and I only played again to have a certain idea if one day I had to talk about him. Time has seemed eternal to me, but the time has come. It was in this second contact with the Riot Games autobattler that I really discovered that it is a first class game.

I was terrified to start playing because I know how difficult it is to learn everything from titles with so many characters and how unpleasant the process can be. Without going any further, start at League of Legends It is a task that can take tens of hours. You have to know what your character does, what the others do and even pay attention to the elements of the map. It can get really miserable if you don’t have anyone to accompany you on the journey. As much as you don’t play just to win, when your characters seem to be doing nothing, it’s just not fun.

We have heard a thousand times that ‘easy to play, hard to master’, but it has never made so much sense.

Set 8 had at its launch 12 origins, 15 classes, 59 champions, 81 items, and more augments than I’m willing to count. There is a ton of content to internalize and learn even for experienced players, so you can imagine what that can mean for a newbie. However, the puzzle could not be better constructed. We have heard hundreds of times that of ‘easy to play, hard to master‘, but rarely had he found as much sense as now in those six words put together.


The crab, which arrives as a mini-legend, is a tribute to the development of TFT

When Riot Games told how the crazy development of TFTexplained that from the first moment they had a clear idea: “champions were meant to be a love letter to their counterparts in League of Legends”. During the first sets it is not clear to me that the company fulfilled its purpose, but the goal is more than exceeded today. To do this, I just have to choose one of the characters that will arrive with Set 8.5.

Twisted Fate to finish understanding Teamfight Tactics

Last week I had the opportunity to go to the Teamfight Tactics Set 8.5 Preview and there was a moment when everyone went crazy. I’m sure you’ve seen Twitch chat overflow in a broadcast before, but it’s even more spectacular when it happens in a Google Meets gathering. When the new versions of Warwick and Twisted Fateeveryone reacted like it was one of the coolest things they’ve ever seen, and they probably did because it was one of the coolest things they’ve ever seen.

Riot Games has taken the love letter to the League of Legends characters a step further and applies, in the most spectacular units, a philosophy that they call “champlification“. The word, we admit that it is somewhat strange, comes from mixing “champion” and “amplification”. It is the base of the alternative game modes of LoL. In them the heroes gain access to a new ultimate ability, they can launch more abilities or we simply play with five copies of the same character to make cool combos.

This, which has been happening in TFT for a long time, is reaching another level. I never thought I’d say it, but I want to play Teamfight Tactics for the sheer joy of setting up a Twisted Fate with three items on the field and watching him throw a barrage of cards. Same with Ezreal, spawning eight copies of himself to ult him onto the field that many times. Champions are everything they can’t be in League of Legends because they would be too broken, but also what they could be in other universes.

I can’t stop thinking about how Twisted Fate’s ability is a sort of counterpart to a Children of Morta character (Lucy), which is my favorite ARPG, or what a hero of Genshin Impact to create a few copies of himself to roll the same ability many times. Even Warwick, who does nothing but hit and jump, is a marvel that I want to experience in other games.

TFT allows me to see my favorite champions improved, but also to imagine how they would be in other universes

I will never play Teamfight Tactics well, because I absolutely refuse to learn it. It is something that already happened to me with hearthstonewhere I preferred to use my favorite card combinations to make fun combos or that still happens to me in the competitive of Pokemon, where I only like to play teams that do funny things. However, what Riot Games has achieved has a lot of merit, because It had been a long time since I discovered a game that gave me this feeling.

A new champion arrives in League of Legends: Riot confirms the imminent release of Milio and this is his release date

My only intention is to continue to put champions on the board and let them do their thing, while I sit back and enjoy the chaos I’ve caused. I don’t even know how to eat this but without being able to control the champions, TFT has characters that are more fun to play than most games I’ve tried.