“I’d rather be Nick Fury”: Samuel L. Jackson has no interest in winning an Oscar anymore, but he had to overcome some frustrations in the past

The interpreter received an honorary statuette in 2022, but he assures that the awards do not measure the success of an actor and that he has not cared for a long time.

Awards in the entertainment industry may be handed out with the aim of giving special recognition to the work – and sometimes career path – of those who receive them, but Samuel L. Jackson is clear that, although it is a reason to be flattered and grateful, you have to give it a relative importance. And that Awards should never be used to measure a certain professional’s level of success or failure.

However, and especially with the Oscars, the statuettes that some artists have received throughout their careers do play a role in their prestige and it is not surprising that, for those mentioned, winning one of the highest awards of the film industry a historic moment in their careers.

Samuel L. Jackson also had eyes in his day, and he would have liked to win one for his work on one of his filmsalthough finally the only Oscar that he has had the honor of receiving was the one that the Academy gave him in 2022 as an honorary title. He could have won it in 1995 for his work on Pulp Ficton – but it was won by veteran Martin Landau for Ed Wood– and, as he himself acknowledged in statements to The Times before receiving his honorific it would have been a hoot to take him for wild fever by Spike Lee, for which he wasn’t even nominated.

However, go ahead that, although he could not obtain his then desired awards, Jackson was happy and satisfied with the recognition of his career. Of course, he does not hesitate to ensure that the issue of awards has long since ceased to matter and, in fact, in 2022 he assured in statements to Los Angeles Times that he’d rather make Marvel movies than hunt for Oscar-potential roles for those who interpret them.

As jaded as I wanted to be about it, you know, thinking ‘I should have won an Oscar for this or I should have won for that and I didn’t,’ once I got over it many years ago, it wasn’t a big deal anymore. for me

“I always have fun going to the Oscars,” said the actor. “I always look forward to taking a gift basket for presenting an award. I give things to my relatives; my daughter and my wife took things out. It’s great …”, he confessed amused. “But otherwise, I was over it.”

“I would never let the Oscars be a measure of my success or failure as an actor. My measure of success is my happiness.: Am I satisfied with what I’m doing?” he wondered. “I’m not making award-winning movies. You know, ‘If you make this movie, you’ll win an Oscar.’ No, thanks. I’d rather be Nick Fury. Or have fun with a lightsaber in hand.”

He is clear about it: he prefers to pass up characters with Oscar potential if that translates into having the possibility of making films “that people simply want to see and that allow them to disconnect.”

That’s the guy I’ve chosen to be and I’m fine with it. I am satisfied because he is who I am. I’m the type that says the phrases that people see on t-shirts

“There are actors who have a whole career and no one can quote a single sentence that they have said in a movie. People go to see my movies to see how crazy I’m going to be or how many times I say son of a bitch,” he proudly acknowledges. “Whatever gets them in their seats.”