If Blue Monday is screwing you up on Monday, we give you a trick to use on Netflix that will brighten up your afternoon

All it takes is a good series of short episodes to lift your spirits a bit.

Although it is true that it does not have to be Blue Monday to have a shitty Monday -in all words- the third Monday of January has many ballots to be a bad day. The cold gathers, the January slope and that you are already realizing that those resolutions that you made in New Year are going to stay on paper. Many factors that make the January 16, 2023 be a day loaded with negativity.

But everything has a solution. Pessimism and a bad mood can be changed with a shot of good energy and Netflix makes it quite easy. If you are one of those who resort to movies and series to cheer you up, on the streaming platform you will find a section entitled ‘Half an hour of laughter’, or what is the same, a category that includes comedy series with episodes of no more than half an hour. The perfect antidote to fix the afternoon.

Some recommendations that we make: the latest series of the Knights, Alpha Males -recently released on the platform-; blockbusters, which despite having been canceled after the first season is a good option for entertainment; either top secrets, an animated series with very good reviews and fast to watch. There are also classics like The office, that we will never tire of recommending it.

There is no doubt that this is the best comedy series ever, but you probably stopped watching it after 6 episodes.


If you are more into movies and urgently need a shot of positivity, you can also find the section ‘short-ass movies’ that collects hour and a half films. Here, however, we can’t assure you that they are comedies, since the only requirement is that they be ‘balls short’ feature films, whatever the genre.

Even so, you can also find comedies like If I were rich, a Spanish comedy that was successful after its premiere in 2019; horror and comedy film X Proyect that lifts anyone’s spirits; either A cool dadan Adam Sandler classic that never dies.


The January slope will continue to exist when you finish your cinephile day, but after spending some time laughing with a blanket on the sofa, Blue Monday is in better spirits.