If cartoons were real creatures they would be terrifying

Many illustrators have imagined what Grandpa Simpson or the Ice King from ‘Adventure Time’ would be like in the flesh and the results are incredible.


The series and movies of Cartoon They have offered the world a series of characters that we will never forget. Some of them with a very unrealistic appearance: yes, but even so, they have managed to win the love and affection of the public. But, What would those characters be like in real life?

Some of them we have already been able to see in the flesh with the numerous adaptations live action motion pictures disney classicsWhat Beauty and the Beast, 101 Dalmatians, aladdin, cinderella, among others. However, some of these adaptations have ignored the most characteristic details of their protagonists.

To be faithful to the truth, there have been many illustrators who have offered their own version of the cartoons and the result is quite scary. Because, who imagines a bright yellow human like The Simpsons. A series that takes the cake in terms of surreal drawings, but that’s what fiction also consists of.

On these lines, we collect some of the most representative examples. Drawings that, although touching on the big and small screen, if you met them in real life they would not make the same impression on you. Enjoy them!



the curmudgeon of sponge Bob it could be something like that in real life. It fits perfectly.

Mickey Mouse


Honestly: the little mouse in this creation seems much more adorable than the mythical Mickey Mouse.

homer simpson

Hossein Diba

It’s hard to adapt Homer Simpson’s bulging eyes and big lip, but they’ve done a good job here.

Peter Griffin


The protagonist of Family Guy It is one of the most successful.



One of the female Ninja Turtles has a pretty terrifying look.

Bart Simpson

Hossein Diba

the little one The Simpson He has the same mischievous face as in the cartoon series.

stan smith


The protagonist of Father made in the USA it has a strong resemblance, but the proportions are not very realistic.

Sideshow Bob

Hossein Diba

Easy to imagine the character of The Simpson like a serial killer.

mr burns

Hossein Diba

The adaptation of Mr. Burns is also very successful, within the possible.


Frank Ippolito

fry, from futuramahe would have the same suspicious face in real life, although his appearance is a bit creepy.



in the movie of Lilo & Stitch he is a lovely being. In this version not so much.

sponge Bob


SpongeBob is a charismatic and adorable being, but in this illustration he is a horror character.

abe simpson

Hossein Diba

the grandfather of The Simpson He is probably one of the most accomplished characters.



The school gardener maintains the same sullen appearance.

Professor Farnsworth

Frank Ippolito

the teacher of futurama It looks very realistic.


Rick Baker

The real life Popeye would be a terrifying man that we would never want to cross paths with.

Ice king


The Ice King of Adventure Time it would look like this in a live action version.


Frank Ippolito

It’s not easy to make the cyclops of futurama It may look proportionate, but in this case it is quite successful.



We don’t know what to think of this version of Patricio. The appearance is similar, but doesn’t it have a disturbing point?

buzz lightyear

Raoni Nery

If Buzz were a real person, he would have a lot to do with the one in this image.