If you can’t get over the hype to see the final season of Shingeki no Kyojin, remember that the anime has two video games that aren’t bad at all – Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle

The outcome of the Attack on Titan anime is hot. And see that it is an irregular series. I believe that few animated works are capable of having so many weak chapters, so many imbalances in the narrative rhythm, and still work. It has something somewhere between Death Note, Mazinger Z and the fire emblem series that makes me fall in love I could read the manga to find out how it all ends, but I can’t stand the drawing of its cartoons. So it’s time to wait.

One would expect that the last part of the final season, the third, would already be the last. But we already know that it will be no. It will come divided in two; what is called making a Nomura with Kingdom Hearts, wow. whatAnd how to kill the monkey until its first premiere in March? Well, the best thing to do is put your glove on the two video games that exist in the series. And in case you already have them on your radar, I bring you some good and bad news about them.

The “bad” is that both are musous. So much AOT Wings of Freedom as Attack on Titan 2 they are. And I am not saying that the musous are a genre that is bad in itself, but it is a rather divisive one. Either you like or you don’t like the formula. The positive part is that they are two of the best that Omega Force has made. Of the two, the good, good is Attack on Titan 2. The reason is that it recycles a lot of content from the original title but expands it and adds something great to it. In the sequel we do not control the heroes of the game, but to an anonymous character who is related to them.

shingeki no kyojin

Attack on Titan 2 will help you with the monkey of more anime

The great thing about this is that we will be able to get along better with each other, chat with them in the first person, give them gifts and have conversations that we will remember from the first seasons of the anime. Both the recreation of the characters and the settings are very well done, so the feeling of being part of the exploration team is automatic.

Swinging in this title with the three-dimensional maneuvering equipment has a little bit of therapeutic

But this is not the best of the game. To continue with the article, I have to take off my mask. I don’t like musou at all. They seem to me like games that are like McDonald’s French fries; you chew them and chew them and they don’t give you anything, just jaw exercise. I have colleagues who tell me that their function is to de-stress, but they don’t work for me. However, this attack on titan 2Despite being a musou, I did like it.

The reason is that he has been able to transmit very well to the controls the handling of the three-dimensional equipment. Because yes, I also like all the political stuff in the series [ojo que vienen SPOILERS del anime], the comparison of the Eldians with the Jews, and the pullita to the Japanese empire, but what we are hooked on to the anime is because of Levi and Mikasa; at least I.

Attack On Titan AOT 2

Nothing is more top than seeing Levi cutting necks

Although it’s incredible when Eren decides to crush three titans by himself, becoming the Founder, there is nothing more exciting than seeing Levi appear out of nowhere, hallucinating with his badass face and freaking out with how he spirally slits the Beast Titan’s arms. I will take that battle at Muro María with me always. And this game knows how to pick up very well. Of course, it only covers the first two seasons. To live also the third you will have to buy yourself the Final Battle expansion pack.

Swinging in this title with the three-dimensional maneuvering equipment has a little bit of therapeutic. It does not reach the levels of Insomniac’s Spider-Manbut there is something in its weightless floating, and in the inertia of handling its cables that falls in love. And if you are musou players, surely there is something that you do not like too much about the genre and that is solved here. Because in this negative aspect we will agree, whether you are fans of this or not.

For the desire that I have to play The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the KingdomI have bought Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. He is also a good musou, but every time the title asks me to go to an opposite corner of the map to fulfill a new mission, It makes me want to kick Omega Force in the nose.

However, it is very nice to move from one side of the stage to the other in AOT 2. Because, like in Spider-Man, the mobility is very well executed. You throw your hooks, use the gas, rise up, look for a good angle and cut in the neck! Then huge and unique titans appear, you face them… I remember with great fondness having enjoyed this title, also, My favorite seasons of the series are these.

Attack On Titan AOT Wings Of Freedom

This musou perfectly captures the mobility of Attack on Titan

Because although I really want to see how it all ends, I think the best thing about Attack on Titan will always be the idea of ​​mere humans fighting with their wits against monsters. You never knew who was going to die, everything was new and unpredictable, and the mystery of what was inside Eren’s father’s basement was formidable. That’s why I remember this game now with a certain nostalgia, because it means enjoying my favorite part of the anime.

And now comes the bad news. This game had very little distribution in our country. Therefore, finding it physically is complicated. It’s very expensive on Steam. While I was writing this article I looked at how much it cost and it is at the introductory price. I do not recommend buying it so expensive, but if you see it on sale and the hype gets to you, you know that it is a good option for the fan. Give up your heart!