If you can’t wait for The Last of Us, this Viggo Mortensen movie based on a successful novel is what you’re looking for and is available on various platforms

The adaptation of the successful video game The Last of Us for HBO is about to arrive. The reviews are already online, one of the directors of the game has already seen the first chapter, and It will be next Monday when it premieres on the Warner platform.

It is true that we have all waited a lot since the announcement of the series, since the trailer, or even since the confirmation that Joel and Ellie would be the actors. Peter Pascal Y Bella Ramsey. It is natural that these last days, when we already see the chapters in the distance, are the most difficult to face.

If what you are looking for is a similar story, although without those infected by a fungus from The Last of Us, we have good news for you. In 2009 another adaptation was released in which a father and a teenager cross the United States after an apocalypse. Of course, this time it was in the form of a film and it adapted a novel by the writer Cormac McCarthy called ‘The Road’.

The film stars the great Viggo Mortensen, whom you will know for roles in films such as ‘Green Book’, the recent ‘Crimes of the Future’ by Cronenberg or, obviously, his role as Aragorn in ‘The Lord of the Rings’. He accompanies him as his son, an actor who may not sound familiar to you by name, Kodi Smit-McPheebut what will it sound like if you have seen the great ‘The Power of the Dog’.

As in The Last of Us, perhaps the greatest danger of all is none other than humans (here in the form of cannibals), as well as greatly affecting the personal level and the relationships between the two main characters.

The film is available for viewing on Prime Video and Filmin, as well as on FlixOlé and Pluto TV, but the latter with ads.