If you consider yourself a fan of action, you can’t miss these two movies before they leave Netflix

Do you think that in a movie session you can not miss the shots and the chases? Take note of these two titles from the streaming platform. Bonus: both are by Jason Statham.

If you have grown up with the cinema of Arnold Schwarzenegger, since your childhood you play chase and you love to see what Hollywood productions are capable of with special effects, you cannot miss these two films that are about to leave the catalog of Netflix. We talk about The Mechanic Y The mercenaries 2, two titles of an essential of the genre: Jason Statham. The two leave the streaming platform on January 18.

The first reason to give these films a chance is their protagonist. As we say, both have the interpretation of Jason Statham, who has earned his own merit being considered one of the great figures of action cinema. Since he began to give life to Frank Martin in the saga Transporter and, above all, thanks to his collaboration with Guy Ritchie in Lock & Stock The Snatch, has not gone beyond consolidating on that path. Crank, Fast and Furious, The mercenaries… There are great titles and franchises in his filmography that are worth a look.

For his legacy alone, we must give, at least, the benefit of the doubt to any film that Statham releases. The Mechanic (2011) is not your best film, but it entertains and, after all, isn’t that one of the functions of cinema? The film follows Arthur Bishop, a highly methodical hitman who develops a close relationship with the son of his deceased mentor. When he seeks revenge for his father’s death, the two work together, leading to the best of the film. It’s a thriller that works, despite being full of clichés.

The Mechanic had a sequel, Mechanic: Resurrection (2016), and that the film did not have a great reception at the box office. Its success was more by word of mouth and it triumphed in the domestic market, so the study decided to extend Bishop’s story. In an unpremeditated way, it is a perfect movie to enjoy on the small screen.

The other recommendation, The mercenaries 2, needs few introductions. It is the franchise with the most testosterone per minute in Hollywood and, at the same time, the one that houses the best ‘crossovers’ of the genre. His idea of ​​bringing together the best action actors in the same film is not bad at all and allows us to see Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger, among many others, in the same adventure. Is it necessary to add something else?

You can imagine that the critics are very polarized. Fans of the saga enjoy each scene, while those who prefer other types of stories do not buy the mission of the action group. Although the public is divided, the franchise already has three installments on the market and they are going for a fourth, which began filming in October 2021.

If you prefer, you have many other action movies to watch on Netflix.

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