If you have 1,000 hours, these are the 14 best RPGs you can currently play on your Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Switch

With its six years of life, the console nintendoswitch He has already built an incredible catalogue, with jewels of all genres. However, if there is one genre that I particularly like to play the most on this platform, it is the RPG. The portable nature of the machine allows short and long games, as well as interrupting and resuming the game with great ease. This in the case of role-playing games, you already know that it is a great help, so we could not miss the opportunity to recommended some of the best RPG video games that we have played in the magazine.

With all the games exposed, and as soon as you play them calmly, you will have close to 500 hours of play… an outrage. Of course, we have not been able to include them all, but you also have other exponents of interest as The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Golf Story, Bravely Default 2, NEO: The World Ends With You and a few more. So tell us in the comments which ones do you recommend, or which of the mentioned titles do you highly recommend?

14 Best Nintendo Switch RPGs

Divinity: Original Sin II

Larian Studios (2017)

role with classic tastebut also seeks to innovate within the genre. This is how we tell you how this essential was also available on Nintendo Switch and which stands out for offering great freedom, improved combat and an audiovisual section that surprises in particular for its beautiful soundtrack. In addition, it presents a fun cooperative for up to four players (only online), which is really advisable if you want to get the most out of this RPG. It would have been great to keep the local coop from other versions, or to avoid the combative chaos that sometimes occurs, but it’s still an absolute recommendation.

Intelligent Systems (2019)

The fire emblem saga has had great video games, but this is without a doubt one of the best. His three campaigns give an extensive replayability to the title, which can exceed the 100 hours if you dedicate time to all the content it offers. And without a doubt the reward is high, because its narrative is absorbing, the characters are charismatic, we have decisions that affect the course of events and then there are plenty of activities to never get bored. To top it off, the difficulty is tuned for both newbies and veterans, and the production values ​​are very highwith a very outstanding audiovisual finish.

14 Best Nintendo Switch RPGs

Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age

Square Enix (2020)

If you have already played any Dragon QuestCongratulations on discovering a wonderful saga. If not, this title is a great gateway to discover the very popular license from Square Enix. More of 60 hours game with a very traditional combat system, with turns, and that is accompanied in this installment by a more open spirit, the most ambitious of the series of games produced by Yuji Horii, with designs of Akira Toriyama and orchestrated music by Koichi Sugiyama. Besides, Switch version is special for incorporating new stories and a vintage mode most nostalgic (especially suitable for fans). Do not doubt it, you are before a great of the JRPG genre that you cannot miss.

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Intelligent Systems (2020)

the saga Paper Mario has shined brightly for many years, and this new installment for Nintendo Switch shows how strong a form Intelligent Systems has been. It is an RPG full of sense of humor, which takes advantage of the Super Mario universe like very few games and which this time boasts large environments and more secrets than ever. Besides, his new combat system It is most ingenious (especially in the final bosses) and artistically it is a true marvel. Its duration is not bad, with some 30 hours that will fly by whether you are a veteran of the saga or if this is your first contact with this series of video games.

Atlus (2020)

Despite the years that have passed, this magnificent JRPG feels very topical. Its unmistakable aesthetic stands out, which is pure Atlusbut also its fun and challenging combat system, which is so good that it makes you want to squeeze its more than 100 hours of game. Besides, this expanded version is much rounderwith new scenes, additional content and a good handful of improvements, among which is to include Spanish subtitles (one of the great demands of the users). That’s because it doesn’t have the day-based exploration scheme -so typical of Personas- and a story that captivates you from beginning to end with the most charismatic characters. Essential.

14 Best Nintendo Switch RPGs

Shin Megami Tensei V

Atlus (2021)

If you want something stronger than person 5, this game is a great option. Its turn-based combat system is really demanding, but it fits within a game design with a very good game rhythm, pleasant exploration (with semi-open worlds) and a story that when it takes off shows the great talent of Atlus. its more than 40 hours game shows the step forward that the saga has taken, which also on this occasion comes with texts translated into Spanish. It is perhaps the most purely JRPG bet on the list, but one that greatly appreciates the time you dedicate to it.

Capcom (2021)

It’s a delight when Capcom gives up experimenting and it turns out well. This is what was achieved in this new installment of Monster Hunterwith more dynamic missions, full of freedom and really fun that give over 100 hours of gameplay if you are a completionist user. All without the usual loading screens of the saga and a technical section that makes the leap thanks to the Leveraging the RE Engine. Of course it has its drawbacks, such as somewhat basic endgame content and some details that could be improved, but otherwise it is a highly recommended game, now with the option of experiencing it with the sunbreak expansionwhich adds new stories, monsters, mechanics and a long etcetera.

Game Freak (2022)

A Pokémon game is always a guarantee of RPG content that gives you great duration and fun. Specifically, this title can easily go beyond the 40 hours if you do not dedicate yourself only to follow his story. And it is a very respectable fact, as much as it supposes the evolution of the series that so many fans were waiting for. It has large areas in the open world, the combat system has been renewed, it has endgame content, the narrative is more mature and… yes, its technical finish has given a lot to talk about. However, it is worth giving it a try if you haven’t already, because it shows an exciting new direction in the pokemon saga.

14 Best Nintendo Switch RPGs

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Monolith Soft (2022)

An essential JRPG, without more. So we tell you in the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 review that you were before one of the role-playing games bigger and more ambitious of history. Its plot is deep and has exciting twists. The exploration and combat systems are improved with substantial new features. The duration is very high, with about 80 hours of game. Technically, it exceeds what has been seen in past installments, and also artistically it is a joy. What more could you want? It is a full-fledged more and better, collecting all the good things that both XC1 as XC2 to give RPG fans an authentic spectacle that is equally recommended to veterans and newcomers alike. Without exaggeration, it is one of the best on this list.

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Square Enix (2022)

It became another of the great JRPG surprises in the Nintendo Switch catalog, so it deserved a space on this list. The funny thing is that it is an exemplary remake of a title that did not make too much noise in its original release on Super Famicom (back in 1994). However, the recreation work is superb, with 8 very interesting stories, as well as varied, which include different characters, eras and playable characteristics. Its duration does not go much beyond the 20 hoursa somewhat low figure for an RPG, but its production values ​​are absolutely great (and on top of that it is translated into Spanish).

Square Enix (2022)

If you like the tactical RPGhere you have one of the best options available on Nintendo Switch. Its plot is deep and full of decisions, with interesting, varied missions and a difficulty that is very tight. Its duration can easily go over the 40 hours, and also has replayability possibilities thanks to the game plus mode. In general, this is a very good quality tactical role-playing title, also in terms of production values, with HD-2D graphics that pay particular homage to the 16-bit aesthetic.

14 Best Nintendo Switch RPGs

Chained Echoes

Matthias Linda (2022)

We have one of the most recent surprises in the RPG genre in a video game that is made by one personand whose greatest experience had been in making role-playing games with the tool RPG Maker. Even so, we must applaud it because it has been taken out of the sleeve a fabulously paced titlecharismatic characters, number of missions, nods to the classics… but also a lot of texts in English (since it does not arrive translated into Spanish). Despite this, it is a long-lasting title (more than 30 hours) and highly recommended, whether you like this fantastic genre or not. Oh, and if you’re a fan of classic 2D JRPGs with pixelated graphics, you’re in luck, because it’s just that and more.

Square Enix (2022)

nier automata is one of the best JRPGs we have received in recent times, a very unique work directed by Yoko Taro that, apart from a great charisma in its style, surprised us with a very transcendental video game in terms of narrative, and that also had a great playable design. Now the RPG is available in nintendoswitch with a quite competent port, and which is a highly recommended alternative to enjoy its action, combative variety and different endings (which give for more than 40 hours). Although the concept of many of his missions can be improved and his open world is somewhat wasted, no one doubts that he is a great game.

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Square Enix (2023)

It’s very clear. If you want a JRPG with an air of the old school, and more specifically from the 16-bit era and the golden age of role-playing in Super nintendo, this is your game. His greatest claim is to live up to eight stories different and do it following the order you prefer, with plots that catch and are more adult than usual. However, it also has tons of exploration, with a huge world, a wide variety of settings, and an audiovisual section in the pixel-art style (but with HD graphics) that fascinates with its preciousness. Of course, the turn-based combat so characteristic of the first Octopath Traveler remains in this sequel, with little news but enough to excite any fan of the genre for more than 60 hours. highly recommended as we said in your analysis.

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