If you like classic Resident Evil, you can try something for free on Steam that will make your day: discover the demo of Echoes of the Living, the survival horror inspired by the 90s – PC

lovers of horror genre and the 90’s classics have a reason to smile. If you grew up with titles the resident evil saga or you discovered its first deliveries relatively recently, the proposal of Echoes of the Living it is made for you. In it, as you can see your steam tokenthe intention of the study is reimagining visual horror, a task that they will seek to carry out through a game inspired by the works of more than two decades ago. And, for all those interested, this experience has a free demo which is now available for download on Steam.

Echoes of the Living centers the plot on nineteen ninety sixyear in which a mysterious fog the tranquility of a small town in northern Europe breaks in. With this comes a series of horrors and events that the inhabitants never imagined, which is why many of them try to flee without success and fall victim to a strange disease. However, everything takes a 180º turn when the dead begin to walk the streetsa situation that ends suddenly with the memories and tranquility of a town that will change forever.

A horror game inspired by the Resident Evil of the 90s

As can be seen in the trailer and in different images on the Steam tab, the title is clearly inspired by the classic deliveries from Resident Evil. For this reason, aspects such as its gameplay, the position of the cameras or even the enemies are reminiscent of the first titles in the saga of Capcom. Without a doubt, Echoes of the Living is a perfect proposal for lovers of this type of proposal who enjoy experiences like this or Daymare: 1998.

In regards to the release datethe Steam tab indicates that this title will be available during the fourth quarter of 2023. Therefore, its debut will take place at some point between October and December of this year. Besides, moonglint (the developer) confirmed through the same date as the game It’s only available in Englishadding that no multiplayer option and, in turn, it is compatible with both the controller and the keyboard. Thus, lovers of survival horror classics can already try the demo of a game that aims to give them lots of joy.

Resident Evil Steam

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