If you remember Mr. Cairn from South Park, you’ll love this open world game with touches of action – PC

As part of our 2022 compilation, in the last bars of the year we published a list with the weirdest games of the year. In it, we talk about proposals such as High on Lifethe new title from the creators of Rick and Morty, or Hell Pie, an experience that puts the player in the shoes of a little demon who must create a cake for Satan. However, we never imagined that, less than 2 weeks later, a title capable of overtake on the right to all the proposals we collect.

swimming pool, the upcoming experience from Nikolaus Games, is so crazy it’s hard to even describe it. In the trailer, present on these lines, you can see what this title will delve into, a game that will present the adventures of a child advised by a tiny turd. Yes, we have not made a mistake in writing it. Therefore, comparisons with the iconic Mr Cairn of South Park, one of the most important characters of the first seasons, have not been long in coming. And, in view of the premise of the game, its influence is evident.

An open world with action, enemies and poop

On Swimming Poo’s Steam tab, the developer posted a small note adding information about the project. According to it, the game is a title of humorous action that combines the style of play Arcadian with the freedom of the open world. Furthermore, it focuses on escape from enemies, explore the world in a particular way and use the abilities that the protagonist acquires thanks to the little turd to fight and combat. Definitely terms likecrazy” Y “curious” is an understatement.

Regarding the release date, the study did not want to specify when the title will arrive. Both in the trailer and in the Steam tab, it is reported that this will be available Coming soon. Therefore, the first estimates point to this same year. In fact, in the coming months a free demo that will be available to all those who are interested in one of the most curious titles that will go on sale in 2023.

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