If you thought that last year’s ‘Benidorm Fest’ was a drama, look what happens in Italy

The Sanreo Festival, which chooses the representative of Italy in Eurovision, is being held this week leaving very controversial moments.


Eurodrama in Italy. This week is celebrated Sanremo Festival 2023contest whose winner becomes the Italian representative of Eurovision. A festival that has been the great Italian musical event and in which the Benidorm Festival is reflected. However, this year the controversies are being the protagonists of the contest and have little to do with the contest as such. And eye. The grand final has not yet been held, which will take place tomorrow, February 11.

If last year the spectators hallucinated with the controversy of the Benidorm Festival, what happened this year at the Sanremo Festival is not leaving anyone indifferent. In fact, Chiara Ferragni has filled the headlines of all the media in recent days thanks to her protest dresses. And it is that, the presenter of the contest has taken four looks in which she sends different messages in favor of gender equality and freedom.

“Mónica Naranjo to Eurovision”: the spectators of the ‘Benidorm Fest 2023’ surrender to the performance of the singer

However, and for the moment, there are two other great protagonists: her husband Fedez and the rapper Blanco. Both have starred in controversial moments on stage, which have left the contestants of the Festival in second place.

White sows chaos on stage

Blanco, the representative of Italy in Eurovision 2022 together with Mahmood, interpreted The isola delle rose at the first gala of the festival, but technical sound failures caused chaos in their performance. The singer got so angry that he stopped singing and began to destroy the decorationbefore the unusual gaze of all attendees. An image went around the world through social networks.

“I had problems in the return and I decided to enjoy it anyway. Sometimes you don’t have to follow the script,” Blanco defended himself before the boos from the public. Later, the singer apologized through his social networks and acknowledged that he “is not perfect.” Of course, his performance had already been criticized by fans of the contest.

Fedez messes it up by improvising in his performance

The second gala was also marked by controversy. On this occasion, Fedez returned to the stage of the contest -after finishing second in 2021 behind Måneskin- to perform two songs, problem with tutti and Freestyle. The second song took all the headlines of the night by referring to a politician and left all the spectators hallucinating.

The subject contained references to the cancer that has been diagnosed, to the Sanremo festival itself and to a politician, the deputy minister of infrastructures Galeazzo Bignami, of whom Unfurled a photograph with a Nazi armband. “If Rosa Chemical goes to Sanremo, the fight breaks out”, she began by singing, referring to the participation in this edition of a rapper known for his explicit lyrics. “Perhaps a deputy minister disguised as Hitler is better. Unfortunately, abortion is a right. I didn’t say it, a minister said it,” she added, showing the politician’s photo.

At the end of the song, the artist alluded to the cancer he underwent surgery on last year and paid tribute to Gianluca Vialli, a former soccer player who died weeks ago from the same disease. This performance caused a stir by showing the minister’s photo, so Fedes wanted to make it clear through his social networks that the channel did not know the lyrics. By the way, the RAI network has not uploaded this performance to Youtube.

Without a doubt, what happened last year in the Benidorm Festival and all the controversies that arose afterwards have little to envy the Sanremo Festival. This Saturday, February 11, the representative of Italy in Eurovision will be known.

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