If you were expecting to see anything from Armored Core 6 in the event on February 3, you better lower your expectations – Armored Core 6: Fire of Rubicon

This Sunday we will tell you that Armored Core 6 will have a one-hour presentation on February 3 that will reveal more details about the title. Well, unfortunately you have to forget about all that and greatly lower expectations. Everything indicates that the only interesting thing in a few months will be the trailer that we saw in The Game Awards 2022.

The Gamingbolt medium has collected the information of a user who has realized that the information on the official website of the event has been modified. What was known was that the presentation was going to last an hour and more information was going to be taught. The question was if we would see gameplay, a trailer or some words that provide details. According to has discovered @Okami13_ on Twitter, the official website has been updated and now says that they will be 20 minute event.

He also points out that no information will be revealed nor will there be a question and answer session with fans. The event will be a 20-minute pre-recorded interview with Yasuke Ogura, producer of the game. Unfortunately, this news will not make fans happy because many expected something more than a pre-recorded interview.

What to expect from Armored Core 6?

It is already known that FromSoftware is working on several projects and one of them is Armored Core 6, and in 3DJuegos we tell you why you should pay attention to this announcement as if it were an Elden Ring 2. One of the latest information we had is that the Japanese study wants to delve into “a rich experience” for a single player, so the cooperative mode is out.